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Famous styles of the week 2017-10-29-

With her deep cleavage and waist-high prom dress and embroidery, Rosamund Pike created a classic and stylish style.

Rosamund Pike in a dress on a red carpet

One of the most ambitious styles of the week comes from Bella Hadid in a Roberto Cavalli dress. She added a different '90s vibe by completing her asymmetrical cut and sleeve-embroidered dress with the trendy hairstyle of the season.

Bella Hadid in a white dress

Attending an event in New York, Zendaya opted for a set of ambitious patterns and fabrics. Zendaya, who prefers Louis Vuitton, also has a very stylish look with her straight and perched hair.

a person posing in front of a sign

With her leather dress, straight and simple hair and makeup choice, Millie Bobby Brown created a classic but pretentious style.

Millie Bobby Brown in a leather jacket

Another ambitious figure who appeared at Bvlgari's event was Lily Aldridge. She looked elegant in a black strapless cut fish model dress. His preference is La Marque.

Lily Aldridge in a black dress
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