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Famous artists read books for children, supported by Fazıl Say music

Mother and Child Education Foundation (ACEV) has moved a future project that it has supported for 5 years and has reached 12 thousand children to the digital platform. A future platform that reads açev ( visiting children listen to books from the voice of famous artists, while parents can also access books that will support their children's language and mental development. ACEV, which also started a donation movement through the Platform, aims to bring 100 thousand children who do not have books in their homes with books. Children's books in the project, which Fazıl Say supported with his music Beren Saat, Cem Yılmaz, Demet Evgar, Fatih Türkmenoğlu, Genco Erkal, Selçuk method, Songül Öden and Yekta Kopan give voice. 

A future platform that reads is being implemented with the support of 16 publishers, 42 authors, 41 illustrators in partnership with the solution of Kidega and the needs map. Books are provided through the Kidega book sales platform and delivered to children in need identified through the needs map, while the project is aimed to spread throughout the country.the project is designed to be distributed through the Kidega book sales Juliette.

Fazıl Say, who interpreted his own compositions and classical works for the project; and who also put great effort into bringing famous names together to support the project, said about the project Dec.:

“As a child growing up in a family intimate with literature in Ankara, I know very well how important books are for mental and intellectual development, the importance of words in understanding and describing a child's world. For children at an early age, language development is a very important issue, but the chance I got as a child is not possible for every family. Unfortunately, some families have limited access to materials that will contribute to language development. In some families, however, the location of books in development is not well known, although access is possible. For this reason, I believe that every work in this field is very important and I strive to provide the support I can. I think a reading Future platform is also important in terms of raising awareness not only of children, but also of families about books. It was both exciting and happy for me to undertake the music of this project. I supported the project both with my own compositions and by interpreting some classics. In this way, we combined literature and music; we brought children together with the colorful and rich world of art.”

Scientific research shows that children raised in high socioeconomic families hear 45 million words by the age of 4, whereas children raised at low socioeconomic levels hear only 13 million words. According to Turkey's 2018 PISA results, the average reading score of students in the top 25 percent socioeconomic segment is 513, while those in the bottom 25 percent are 437. The difference is largely due to this inequality, which begins in early childhood Dec. 

In order to close the 32 million-word difference, it is important to introduce children to new words and concepts through books from an early age, said DECEV General Manager Burcu Gündüz Mashalaci about the project:

“Despite the important findings of scientific research on book reading, when we look at our country, unfortunately, 71 percent of children aged 5-6 years have fewer than 3 children's books or picture books in their home. Unfortunately, the epidemic period we are in risks deepening these inequalities. Before the outbreak, many studies told us that as income and education levels decreased, parents ' knowledge and skills to support their children and the amount of learning materials in the home environment decreased. However, children who were deprived of the facilities offered in the school and neighborhood environment due to the epidemic were limited to resources in the home environment. The outbreak has therefore guided and encouraged us to support household environments. We try to prevent children who live in negative conditions at an early age from falling behind their more advantageous peers with a future platform that reads. We do this in two ways: first, with each book read on the platform, children learn new words; parent-child interaction also increases with suggestions for games and activities that we prepare specifically for each book. Second, kits prepared under the project are delivered to families in need with the support of donors. Everyone has an option to contribute according to their budget and opportunities, as long as you are a partner in our dreams. Come, let's build a future that reads together.”

The set for sending to children includes 5 illustrated storybooks selected by Acev's early childhood experts, book activity guidelines, 1 children's Magazine, 1 picture book and a dry paint set. Books are purchased through the Kidega book sales platform, creating sets for £ 120. By sending an SMS to 3747 or donating the desired amount to the fund, more children can be supported to benefit from the project.

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