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Eyelashes color this season

If you're still using black or brown mascara, you're missing this year's trend. The first warm shades of the year come to the lashes as we eagerly wait for the weather to warm up. This season, many brands are promoting their colorful mascara.

From red, golden, green to blue, every shad of nature is featured in these new mascara.

If you want to turn your tired look into a more energetic look, you can choose a yellow mascara, and a red or blue mascara if you want to get all the attention in your eyes. Since your eyes will be at the forefront of your make-up, we recommend choosing lipstick from nude tones on your lips. Hazal, coffee and blue eyes will be very suitable for a green mascara.

Although we give you color recommendations, choosing a tone according to your mood is your top priority. You can even take another bold step and use it in different colors on your upper and lower lashes. You can check out the colorful mascara suggestions we have chosen for you in the gallery next door.

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