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Eye area rejuvenation methods without surgery

The eyelids are where the skin is thinnest, most sensitive.  Unlike other skin areas, there is no support layer underneath, such as adipose tissue. Since there is no fat layer underneath, it continues with muscle tissue and this causes a dark ring (bruise) appearance around the eye in people with genetic predisposition. This dark image makes the person look tired and sleepless regardless of age. Dark circles around the eyes are difficult to treat and we can achieve successful results with various treatment or treatment combinations.

In the care of the eye area at home; quality sleep, healthy eating, abundant water consumption, sun protection and the use of a moisturizer suitable for the eye area are the most basic steps.

Botulinum toxin (botox) application is one of the applications that we have successfully used for cosmetic purposes for a long time. It temporarily blocks muscle contraction in the area where it is applied, preventing wrinkles due to muscle contraction. It gives very successful results in the treatment of wrinkles known as 'goose feet' around the eyes. Except for goose feet, it can not be applied to all areas of the eyelids and is not safe in all areas.

The application, known as under-eye light filling, refers to the filling process we apply to fill this groove in people with pronounced tears. The most important step here is to select the patient to be applied correctly, to analyze it very well beforehand. It should be applied to patients with pronounced tear grooves. There's a situation I've encountered most often that patients misjudge. They think this filler is used to remove dark circles from the eye. When it is done to the patient who needs filling and whose tears are pronounced, yes, if there are dark circles together, they also provide some opening. But it alone is not a method that treats dark, purple rings. For this purpose, we use other treatments or apply combined treatment according to the patient's condition.

Global eyecon is an app that offers global care to combat many problems around the eyes.

-Wrinkles around the eyes
-Expression lines
-Light eye bagging
-Dark circles are a special treatment kit for almost all eye circumference problems, which are also used in bruises.

Treatment consists of 3 stages:
1. Peeling around the eyes: It is a specially produced peeling solution for the eye area, after cleaning the skin, we apply the solution for 3 minutes and clean it with a neutralizing solution. This cleanses the skin from dead skin and also provides a reduction in blemishes.
2. Application of transepidermal solution with micro-sarcasm; 1 week after peeling application, we ensure that the gel-like solution, which contains color openers, moisturizers, circulatory regulators and regeneration-stimulating substances, is spread throughout the skin layers with the help of a micro needle.

3. Mask: In the last stage, we leave the mask with hyalorunic acid, cucumber extract and anti-stain content for 15-20 minutes. This provides relief, moloring and color opening on the skin.

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Mesotherapy covers all the treatments applied to the middle layer of the skin by injection method. Within the mesotherapy solutions applied specifically to the eye area; hyalorunikasit, vitamins, amino acids, peptides are present. It reduces wrinkles, expression lines, dark circles around the eyes, tightens and moisturizes collagen production by stimulating it. A session is performed every 2 weeks and the number of sessions may vary according to the patient's needs.

Fractional laser is one of the new technologies fractional erbium glass laser system works in the lower layer of the skin, stimulating the regeneration process, new collagen production, offering a comfortable application without peeling and crustaceaning on the skin. It is an effective method of wrinkles around the eyes, light eye bags, tightening, color tone equalization, i.e. basically improving skin quality.

As a result, the choice of treatment should be completely personalized. Treatment or treatment combinations to be applied according to the problem may vary.

The eye area is the most sensitive skin area, should be approached with care and safe treatments should be applied appropriate to the eye area. Dermatologists who are experts in this work should be consulted and consulted in treatment management.

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