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Everything you wonder about DD creams

Bb and CC creams, which appeal to all ages and skin types, breathed new life into the cosmetic world as they settled in the front row of cosmetic shelves. The DD creams that followed are leading to becoming the most popular face makeup product of recent times.

What is DD cream?

BB and CC creams don't confuse your mind creams , DD creams released as Daily/Double Defense are thought of as a mixture of BB and CC cream, but they have a different structure than the two products that come before them with their properties and content.

The most prominent features of the product, which stands out with its intense moisturizing feature and the promise of protection against external factors, are its anti-acne, mattifying and skin tightening feature. DD creams with anti-aging antioxidants also have anti-aging properties.

Dermatologists emphasize that protection against harmful sun rays, which are seen as the source of many problems in the skin, is very important not only in summer, but also in winter, when we feel the presence of the sun little. DD creams containing SPF 30 eliminate the feeling of "layer makeup" when using products with sun protection factors on top of the daily moisturiser.

DD creams, which are generally recommended for mature skin due to their anti-aging and skin tightening feature, should be taken care that they do not contain parabens, alcohol, silicone and perfumes.

How is it applied?

You can use it instead of foundation on days when you want a light concealer. Distribute evenly over your skin with the help of a foundation brush or moist makeup sponge. You will also not need to use a moisturizer or sunscreen cream.

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