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Everything you need to know about hair loss

AGA (androgenetic alopecia): It is an androgen-dependent progressive disease that causes hair loss in men and women with a genetic predisposition. Hair loss is caused by a genetic transition, especially in the Peak area of the scalp, in the middle area and in the area of both side front lines; we can call it male-type hair loss. The age of onset may be earlier in men than in women. Its progress can be prevented if precautions are taken before it is late.

Depending on the type and layout of nutrition, incomplete, long, unbalanced diets disrupt the nutrition of the hair follicle. This, in turn, can lead to thin, weak, lifeless appearance or loss of hair. Especially with vitamin B3 deficiency, hair loses strength and breaks and begins to fall out more quickly.

Hair thinning or loss may occur due to a decrease in female hormones. Menstrual regularity, such as increased pubescence (in the body). In men, the male hormone dihydro-testosterone DHT is responsible for hair loss. It has been observed that the activity of this hormone increases at the shedding site.

At the beginning of these comes thyroid disease.Hair loss can be caused by the thyroid gland. If thyroid hormone therapy is planned and applied, there may be improvements in the case of shedding. Other factors that cause shedding are diabetes, hormonal diseases, and hormone drugs that are used for a long time.  

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It is one of the most common causes. The shine, vitality that hormones provide to the hair during pregnancy ends with birth. Decreased hormones after birth and decreased body's own stores, hair loss, especially after birth 2. it causes an increase starting from the month. Before treating this condition, the level of deficiencies (in terms of vitamins and minerals) in the person's body should be evaluated.

During oncology treatment, hair loss occurs due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Since there will be the arrival of new hair after the completion of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments specific to this condition, it is better to wait for healthy hair that will come on its own.

A stressful and brisk lifestyle can negatively affect physical and mental health. Stress can cause hair loss by increasing cortisol levels in the body.

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  • Very intensive use of devices such as straighteners, tongs, hair dryers,
  • Hair coloring too often,
  • Hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss.decongestant hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss.

Hair growth, bright and shiny, normal levels of hair loss, their own stages of the hair cycle are also affected by many factors are linked. For this reason, it is normal for hair to be damaged by external and internal factors.

Normally hair averages 1 cm in 1 month. it grows to. The number of strands shed in the hair exceeds 100 strands per day and the duration continues for more than 1 month, if openings (in the form of money) occur in places, it is necessary to contact a dermatologist immediately.

For treatment, a detailed examination should be performed first by a specialist doctor. Indeed, by performing a blood test, to determine whether they have the common ground that creates a condition of hair loss should be made. (The doctor will evaluate the condition of hair loss in people with diabetes, kidney diseases, insulin resistance, PCOS, menopause, according to the conditions.)

According to the results of the studies, it can be applied to protect the structure of the hair, strengthen the hair follicles, replace deficiencies, oral treatments, support vitamin treatments, topical, that is, suhne treatments that will stop the loss.

  • B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Biotin
  • The doctor referred to for the elimination of deficiencies such as iron will help you take the necessary step.


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