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Everything you need to know about Botox

What is Botox? Shows how the effect?

In fact, the active ingredient of Botox is a poison produced by a bacterium, but modern medicine has purified this poison, controlled it, and made it harmless. It acts by temporarily weakening the November muscles. Botox was first used in medicine to treat strabismus. Its benefits in the field of cosmetics were discovered much later. Botox is used today in many areas besides wrinkle treatment, such as migraine treatment, treatment of unwanted facial contractions and tics, treatment of excessive sweating, treatment of excessive salivary production, treatment of some chronic pain syndromes.

If Botox is a poison, isn't it deadly?

At the doses currently used, it does not show a toxic effect. Lethal doses are reached after 28 bottles of Botox injections within the same day.

Does Botox rejuvenate you?

No, you can't get younger with Botox. Botox reduces wrinkles caused by repetitive work of our facial November muscles. In this way, it provides a younger and more dynamic look. Other false information about Botox is that Botox is used in face stretching, puffs up the lips, or creates tension on the face.

How is Botox applied?

Botox is a simple, fast and safe application that can be applied in office conditions (which do not require a sterile environment and special equipment). It is an application that lasts on average 5-10 minutes, does not cause pain because a very thin needle is used, does not require anesthesia. If necessary, applying sensation-reducing creams or ice that will be applied to your skin before Botox will further reduce the sensation of pain, which is very mild.

How long does Botox last?

The effect of BOTOX begins within 3-4 days, while its maximum effectiveness is 4-8. it's felt in weeks. The duration of activity of Botox is 4 -6 months, but the effect can extend to 9 November in muscle groups that do not work very actively and in repeated Botox injections.

It is also important to know that the duration of BOTOX activity varies from person to person. The size and thickness of the muscles on everyone's face are different, as well as the habits of using their facial expressions are different November. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that the duration of activity of Botox is also different.

What wrinkles is Botox useful?

Botox is effective in wrinkles, called dynamics, caused by repetitive November movements. These wrinkles make you look older, irritable or tired. It can be used for wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead, around the eyes, on the nose, around the lips and mouth, and even in the decongestant area of the neck. It can even be applied to raise eyebrows in patients with low eyebrows.

What are the risks of BOTOX administration?

There is no life-threatening risk in doses used to treat wrinkles. But as a result of applications to the wrong areas, undesirable cosmetic results, such as a miscarriage of the eyelid, can lead to asymmetries in the corner of the mouth. Botox should not be applied to people with active skin infection, people with November muscle disease, those who use aminoglycoside-derived antibiotics, and pregnant women.

What should I look out for after Botox?

In order to prevent the excessive spread of Botox on our face for the first few hours, you should not sleep, lie on your side, exercise heavily or enter a hot sauna-bath. No need to massage the application areas. After application, you can continue to use your facial November muscles normally. After application, you can print with cold gels for a short time. In this way, you can prevent bruising that can sometimes occur in a small amount at the injection sites.

Why do all Botox people look alike?

Unfortunately, after the wrong planned and excessive amount of BOTOX application, all Facial Facial expressions are lost, so we see people walking as a mask face. Because people can never move their facial November muscles and therefore lose their characteristic facial expressions, identical, fabricated faces are formed. But such a view does not occur as a result of applications made with the right principles. People can move their face and facial muscles, even if they have botox, It November be impossible to tell.

Some doctors use products from other brands under the name Botox, does this pose a problem?

There are currently more than 20 brands alternative to Botox. A very large part of them are produced in the Far East, some of them even have products that do not even mention the name of the active ingredient in the prospectus. I suggest you avoid places that make Botox at cheap prices because of the risk of using these products. Apart from such bad examples, there are two products whose effectiveness and reliability have been proven after serious research in European countries. Be sure to ask your doctor about what product he is using. 

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