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Everything you need to know about a caravan vacation

First of all, caravan vacation means freedom, travel as much as you want to the extent that time allows. These days, if you want to take a vacation, take advantage of the sea sun, but stay a little away from people, maintain social distance, especially if you like to be in nature, watch the stars in the Milky Way in the dark at night, a caravan holiday is for you! But for someone who is used to spending his vacation in a classic resort with an understanding of getting services, the caravan is a real adventure. To give an example from my own experience, I did not want a hotel stay in Bozcaada, which is the place that has rested me the most in recent years. The caravan I came across as a result of a coincidence was a great alternative. It was fixed, a caravan was placed in place of a vineyard house within an acre of land. It was very compact inside. Apart from the section where there was a double bed, the sitting unit located right next to the door opened and turned into a double bed. Thus, accommodation for four was also possible if desired. Although January was decidedly small, the Interior had a small kitchen unit with a set-top stove, a small fridge next to it, a washing machine directly opposite it, and a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet on its slope. Obviously, it was never comfortable to shower in such a narrow environment. So as long as I stayed, I used the mobile shower, which was located right on the edge of the garden. It didn't bother me at all that the water was a little cool. I collected tomatoes and cucumbers growing in the garden in the caravan every morning and prepared breakfast in my small kitchen. If I didn't choose a restaurant for dinner, this time I was cooking fresh vegetables that I picked from the garden again. The table I set up in front of the trailer was fine. If you say what was more, I would say that the houseflies were never missing! But if you take the necessary precautions, they are not a problem, of course. One of the best things about this stay is that your guest is not missing. Within the framework of social distance, of course. No one could say that he would light a fire in the garden and enjoy the conversations of friends around him. And the stars, as if you could catch them if you reached out...

So, if we prefer a moving trailer, what do we need to know? The caravan we will rent for the holiday moto caravan or should it be a towing caravan? First, let's get to know these two types of caravans: vehicles created by converting motor vehicles such as vans or panelvans under 3500 kg to live in are called motokaravan. It has been so favoured in recent years that there are fantastic accounts to follow about it on social media. If the livable trailer structures are attached to the back of a vehicle with a towbar towing caravan name is given. If you have a Class B, C or D driver's license, you can get into traffic by adding a caravan with a full weight of 750 kg and six to the back of your car. If the full weight of the caravan you plan to pull is over 750 kg, you must have a be, CE or de class driver's license according to the vehicle you will use.

More families with children, especially if they are going to travel for a long time, prefer a trailer that we call a towing type. In this way, they have the opportunity to leave the caravan where they are camping and explore with their vehicles. These caravans are especially ideal for long-term stays. Although it is not a big problem in our country, there are special areas reserved for such camp stays abroad. So you can't park your trailer wherever you want. In contrast, you experience the feeling of freedom in a Moto caravan to the fullest. Let's remind you right away, a type B driver's license is enough for moto caravans weighing up to 3.5 tons. Moto Caravans are usually 2-3 day stays. Then give me a new route. When you set off, you literally go ‘where your heart takes you’. Moto caravans don't have to be parked in a certain place like the others. You can also park your Moto caravan wherever ordinary vehicles are not banned from parking. But don't open the awning vs. If you have such intentions, you should choose the nearest campsite to yourself. 

One of the things that is often wondered is whether campsites are booked in advance. Amiyane, as he calls it, operates without a reservation. So whoever came first, chose the right place and settled in. But with the pandemic that suddenly entered our lives last winter, the booking system has emerged for the first time, especially in Europe, as caravan owners prefer long-term stays isolated from people. Camping with caravans is also increasingly popular in Turkey recently, so it is appropriate to book suitable camping places in the area where you are going. In campsites, you can meet your needs such as electricity, water and toilets. 

Especially the subject of the toilet is very curious. Caravans have a cassette toilet system. The smallest of these tapes is 20 liters. By a rough calculation, a family of 3 has to empty the tape at the end of the second day. For this, suitable places are shown in campsites, or you can request permission to use the toilet at gas stations in case of an emergency. 

No matter what kind of holiday you are thinking about, long or short, do not carry unnecessary items with you when traveling in a caravan. For example, buy appropriate clothes for him, thinking that you will be in nature. Be sure to carry portable chairs, thinking that you will sit by the sea in a deserted Bay. Lighting a fire is an indispensable part of camping, so keep the necessary materials with you. And there's an app that caravans have been using recently: park4night. Be sure to install it on your smartphone. There is a paid version of the app, but the free version also works a lot; you can make routes, get detailed information about camping places in the area where you plan to go, and shape your holiday by reading the comments of people who have stayed there before.

Cunda Mocamp: a great campsite with bungalows on the seafront. A restaurant is also available. (0 266) 327 17 35 

Bozcaada Camping

In addition to the caravan, there are tents and bungalows in the campsite in the island's Sulubahçe locality. This year Covid is unable to stay in the resort's tent under 19 measures. But you can build your own tent. Pricing is done through a person. A minimum two-day reservation is required to stay in your own caravan. On public holidays and holidays, this period is at least three days. Accommodation for two people with a caravan on weekdays is 110 TL and on weekends is 120 TL. Phone for booking: (0542) 414 31 24 

Golden Camp

Altın Kamp is one of the most beautiful places in Balıkesir, on the shore of the Bay of Edremit. It is located on the beach, but also has a large wooded area of 35 thousand square meters. It has a campground and a hotel. Here you can bring your own equipment and camp, if you want, you can stay in ready-made tents. Accommodation costs range from 55-70 TL per person in caravan decks. (Based on the location of your stay in the camp.) The fee includes 4 amps of electricity. (0 266) 416 3737 – (0545) 255 22 70 

In Sultaniye village, on the edge of Köyceğiz Lake, it is a wonderful shabby place in our opinion run by the locals. It's actually a restaurant, and they use its garden as camping. It's not crowded because it's not known.  (0535) 397 86 77


It's a really peaceful camp in the forest where you can relax. The scenery is marvelous. There are services such as laundry, dishwasher, kitchen, shower, WC, electricity. Because it's in the forest, the fire can't be lit. Daily caravan Area Fee 130 TL.
Booking: (0252) 214 88 83 / (0551) 4487034 



Çubucak Forest Camp, which still continues to resist ranta, is one of the most beautiful campsites. Because it is a state-owned enterprise, its prices are also affordable. Caravan or tent camping can be done. The campground has facilities such as Internet, wc, shower, dishwasher, food places and market. Caravan place fee is 70 TL per day. Wire for booking: (0545) 467 02 21 –(0532) 317 42 32


It is located on an area of 10 hectares, 16 km from Çubucak, on the coast of the Gulf of Hisaronu. Inbükü, Çökertme and Cave Bay, including 3 bays. 150 tents, 20 caravans capacity. It is covered with frankincense, Laurel, myrtle and kızılçam trees. There are also food and drink facilities in the day-to-day use area. The campground has services such as electricity, showers, sinks and laundry. 
(0542) 6453651 


Azmakbashi Camping is not on the beach. They can provide bungalows and tents, but there is also a campground that you can use if you want to go with your own caravan or tent. Hiking, rock climbing, fishing, diving, paragliding and boating can be found nearby . Accommodation with your own caravan costs £ 50 per person. (0543) 2078366 / (0532) 6153696 / (0252) 5291221 


Ada Camping is located in the National Park, where the sea is the cleanest in all Julda. You can make tents or caravan camps, as well as stay in wooden house-style rooms. And there are rooms converted from a towing trailer. 
Camping night £ 90, caravan £ 30.
(0266) 327 12 11 


Fish Lake, like Karagöller, is not one of the tourist attractions of Artvin. That's why it's the best place to camp. If you're going to camp, you should definitely do your kitchen shopping in Shavshat. 

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