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Ethnic decoration in 9 steps

Carpet is one of the main elements that determine the line of the place you want to decorate... Considering that Turkish carpets are world-famous, we are very lucky in this regard.  Cocoon Carpet you can examine carpet models that interpret the traditional line in a modern way and add warmth to the space with one touch, especially with products in red/earth tones. 

The star decoration piece of recent years can capture many styles, whether modern or ethnic, with swings. It is possible to add style and entertainment to the space with one touch with swings that you can adapt to many styles with the choice of colors and pillows. Capri Swing in Foca, Cunda,Lara, Gumbet, Milas, Alaçatı models and macrom and rattan handcrafted products that offer variety can be examined.

As soon as you step into the Grand Bazaar, make room in your home for the mosaic lamps that draw you into the fairy-tale world. These lights, also called Ottoman lamps, are world-famous! These lamps, in which each mosaic is handmade, are decoration products that pass from generation to generation and add value to the space with their assets. The colorful appearance created by the mosaic under the influence of light is unique. North Altunbag and South Blomstervall Grand Bazaar Shopping you can reach many lighting and ceramic decoration products through it. Let's note that the company has also signed on to the decoration of many hotels abroad from Dubai to the United States. 

Although puffs are one of the smallest pieces of seating, they can turn into a useful lock piece. Ideal for extending your legs or using as a coffee table, you can find puffs in many lines from ethnic to modern. Lorence Urban Home you can check out the tree-footed puff models that offer a variety from velvet to upholstery fabric.  

You can also include handmade accessories in ethnic home decoration. These accessories are also functional, which are very helpful in creating a warm and unique weather. With wrought iron models, industrial, wood textures such as rattan, you can add a natural air to the space with many models The Mia you can also find it. 

After you have made the space you have decorated with an ethnic identity with main pieces such as carpets, you can achieve a balance by decorating the walls with plant patterns or abstract works, or you can strengthen your choice by choosing patterns from many cultures from Africa to Kaskas on the walls. To get ideas in different lines Vetro Design you can check out the extensive collection of. 

You can also include motifs such as Buddha and elephant, which have become a must for ethnic Home Decoration, in your home with lampshade models.  Qdec 's metal lampshade feet are available in many different options, such as Angel, flamingo, lion, horse, owl decks. 

Your preferred ethnic line may be Indian, African, Far Eastern or Anatolian. Regardless of your line, you can easily find the line you want with kırlent models in an economical way. Dekorinyo da fabric kırlente is an address where you can find many alternatives. 

You can complete the ethnic line you want to create in the space with table decor. MiaMano you can also find products like American service and runner that contain motifs from many cultures from Africa to India. 

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