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End cracks in 4 steps

Many factors are effective in the formation of cracks. Some women who are genetically lucky do not have a single crack at any point in their life, while some women may have cracks even in weight changes of 4-5 kilograms.  Drink plenty of water to take precautions; Mompy skin will yawn more easily.

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The most beautiful crack is the crack, which has not yet formed, that is, it is necessary to prevent it with a variety of measures, persistent care, before the cracks form. One of the most effective care recommendations is to moisturize your skin at all times. Oils that fight cracks that you will apply 2 times a day in the morning and evening will increase the yawning capacity of your skin. Get a good moisturizing care oil/cream, especially during pregnancy. Our favorite was Bio-Oil.

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Cracks are actually tears in the elastic tissue of the skin as a result of excessive stretching of the skin. Sudden weight ups and downs in your body cause your skin to stretch. Try to fix your weight with a healthy and balanced diet.

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You reduce the risk of cracks in a flexible body. It's also essential to exercise to stretch your body. Pilates and yoga seem to be the most popular option, but it strengthens your body during the day walks.

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