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Emily in Paris style codes

American Teen Marketing Expert Emily Cooper has been literally shining on screen with her colorful choices since the first scene of the series! So much so that his ambitious colour combinations made a mockery of his manager Sylvia in the Paris team... As a complete French woman, Sylvia differs with Emily in her dark tones, well-cut, effortless and sophisticated choices.

American Emily's Paris style diary is often described as' eclectic'. Over a lace dress, she can also wear a shabby black dress, combine her snakeskin-patterned mini skirt with a multi-colored see-through shirt, or add a difference with neon pink details that everyone can't give up on in dark shades.

Emily comes across many hats in patterns and colors that the French are not used to, as well as Parizian hats.So much so that the series ' hats can be presented as a separate collection. Emily Cooper is referred to by some French characters in the series as 'bucket head' because of their hats. 

As Emily Cooper got used to Paris, the wave of her hair became evident, the shade of lipstick darkened and, of course, pötikare and Parizian hats were added to her style. Her colourful wardrobe even included a sophisticated black ball gown...

Bonus: Paris Street Style

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