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Effective solutions for bruises under the eyes

A common problem that many men and women suffer from today ‘detention bruising'stop. Women are actually more fortunate to be able to use many products of the cosmetic industry with ease. Many women start wearing makeup by covering the dark circles under the eyes. Men, unfortunately, although unhappy with the image, are not as knowledgeable and lucky as women in solutions. 

Now, step by step, let's talk about solutions that can be effective for dark eyes. 


Quality sleep is essential

If your sleeping comfort at night is not good enough, the most typical effect of this will be seen around your eyes. Tired looks, dark circles and swollen eyes settle on our faces as evidence of a sleepless night. If your sleep routine is always of poor quality due to problems with your breathing, your eye environment may look more tired than usual. 

Review your sleep quality to start the next day dynamically, rest your body and protect your immune system. The fact that the room in which you sleep is airy and dark will speed up the process of falling asleep. Healthy breathing individuals receive the necessary amount of oxygen in their bodies while sleeping at night, so that the body and organs are rested throughout the night. Breathing correctly will seriously affect your quality of life in all areas. 


Review your alcohol consumption

If you drink alcohol frequently, your body can hold water, you gain weight, and your liver can be damaged. But alcohol-related body water retention, although it sounds good, is actually an event that dries the body from the inside. This condition in the medical community “dehydration” called, I thought. 

In combination with alcohol cigarette consumption it causes the eye area to wrinkle faster and reduces the quality of your skin. It can turn your skin color into a blotchy, yellow and pale shade. The cause of fatigue under your eyes may increase significantly with alcohol and cigarette consumption. 


Care for mesotherapies under the eye

The most typical behavior we do when we feel powerless and prone to being sick is to throw a vitamin that melts into a glass of water and drink it. Just like this, the eye area needs support from the inside from time to time. Creams that you apply around your eyes can have a very limited effect on your skin. Creams only give moisture and can soften the skin. But real healing and support consists of the lower layers of the skin, and no cream can affect this area. 

This is why mesotherapies applied to the eye area act on the skin from the substrate, meeting the moisture, minerals, vitamins and collagen it needs. Mesotherapies under the eye it is applied in the form of several sessions for the needs. 

Light filling is a sensitive issue

The reason for the dark image at the bottom of our eyes is that blood vessels are visible from the skin under the eyes, which is very thin and transparent. "Light filling application" will cover some of the blood vessels under the eye and allow the dark color on the surface to open.

If the eyes are dimpled, the shadow will also be prevented from falling on this part, as it will be closer to the surface of the skin after the filling process. 

But there is a very important issue that not every eye structure is suitable for light filling. You have to be very, very careful about this. Especially if you have bagged eyes, incorrect filling applications can make your eyes look much more bagged, just like a frog.

For this reason, you should definitely consult with your doctor in detail before the light filling procedure. You should ask for a thorough assessment of your eligibility. 


Water consumption

Consuming less water than necessary has many negative effects on the body. Kidney damage, increased body fat, dryness of the skin, decreased body resistance, headache and November cramps are the most common causes. 

Remember that if you don't consume enough water, you call ageing faster. In this dry skin, the wrinkles around the eyes will be deeper and the swelling under the eyes, the tired image will be more pronounced. 


Surgical option permanent solution 

A permanent solution is a surgical option for bags under the eyes and low upper eyelid. An operation performed under local and general anesthesia cleanses the hernia of fat under the eye and removes excess skin, making the upper eyelid more tense. The attractiveness of dark circles around the rejuvenated eye is significantly reduced. In this way, you can permanently get a younger, more energetic expression. 

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