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Easy rag pastry

You know me more or less from my descriptions now. The only thing I care about when I cook is practicality. While providing this practicality, I am very happy to do it without sacrificing taste. Everyone's at home, every meal that's made ends the minute it's on the table. We spend days thinking about what to eat. I think we need practical recipes even more in this process. It is possible to prepare the easy trotter pastry for tea time or a lunch next to the soup. I would also say make sure you look at the recipe for 5 minute soufflé frittersthat I shared earlier...

• 10 (square) puffs
• 10 slices of bacon
• 10 slices of cheddar

For the top: Yolk

• Separate the puffs squarely and wait 5-6 minutes at room temperature for slight softening.
• When the dough is tender, put the cheddar and bacon in half the square and cover the empty side. (Like paper folds) You can also fold in a triangle shape if you wish.
• Close the dough well so that the cheddar does not overflow from the edges.
• Rub egg yolks over the puffs and bake in a heated oven at 180C for about 20 minutes until the puffs are nicely fluffy and browned.
• Eat hot.

Enjoy your meal...

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