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Dyson shares allergy prevention recommendations

In hot and breezy weather, the number of pollen increases, while the morning hours are the time period when the pollen level is highest. Pollen emitted from trees and flowers into the air, especially in spring and summer, are strong allergens. An adult can breathe 10 thousand liters of air a day, while each breath can mean that we take between 5 and 50 million pollutants into our lungs.decontamination: Because our lungs breathe fresh air and release carbon dioxide, they begin to react to it when we breathe allergens and take dirty air into our bodies.Juliette:

During this period, when we spend most of our time in our home, increased pollen and dust become a problem for those who have allergy problems. Allergens such as dust, dust mites and faeces, pet hair and pollen that accumulate in places and on the items we use, along with indoor air pollution, trigger allergic symptoms. Although it may be very tempting to open the windows of our house for fresh air, pollen outside, other allergens and air pollution come in with our very simple activity and spread throughout the House.Juliette:

Although many people suffering from allergies choose not to open their window to escape pollen, this is not the solution. Child Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Şule Çağlayan Sözmen “since pollen of green plants without flowers can be carried miles away by the wind, the Yesil does not need to be close to these plants to be affected, " he said. Sometimes, because the pollen of a tree can spread over more than 150 kilometers, it can affect people who are infected in this area and are sensitive to allergic diseases. Most of the time we may not see trees and plants that we are allergic to. But unfortunately, since pollen is found in the air, complaints of people with an allergic structure can increase in windy weather. Pollen is often transported to homes through skin, hair, clothes, shoes and pets, accumulating in house dust. While reaching peak concentration Tues long after the pollination season, the more the number of residents and activities in the house increases, the more resident pollen is released into the air. It is therefore quite difficult to protect."he says. 

A vacuum cleaner with a variety of headers and strong suction, which you can use in different areas to clean the house dust, is very effective. After the dusting process, you can clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and easily get rid of dust scattered on the floor and prevent it from spreading again to your environment. 

The Dyson V11 ™ wireless broom allows you to get rid of these dusts thanks to a 6-layer filter system. It captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns, releasing only fresh air.Julius:

Using the high-efficiency filtering feature of the Dyson V11 wireless vacuum cleaner helps you get rid of allergens and invisible enemies in your home. Brushing hard nylon with the most powerful wireless cleaning head, it goes deep into the carpet to attract dirt from the bottom. Soft, anti-static, carbon fiber fibers easily capture dust on hard floors and cracks. In addition, it automatically changes the engine speed by feeling the difference between carpets and hard surfaces for deep cleaning in every decking type. The LCD screen of the machine shows the current performance, including the selected power mode and remaining working time, giving you more control during cleaning.

Dyson air purifier fans, designed by Dyson engineers to keep the air in homes and interiors cleaner, detect and trap harmful substances in the air, allowing you to breathe comfortably.Juliette:  

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool ™ air purifier fan detects allergens and harmful substances in the internal area. Thanks to the fully closed HEPA filter, it traps 99.95% of even 0.1 micron harmful particles. It automatically detects harmful gases in the air and reports them in real time. 
Products that use Air Multiplier™ technology for a balanced airflow automatically keep the room at the target temperature with thermostat temperature control. It mixes and distributes air to ensure control throughout the room. In this way, it creates a strong airflow for the spread of the cleaned air. It cools its environment in summer and heats it in winter. 


It provides intelligent control and monitoring of air quality wherever you are with the Dyson Link app, while continuing to monitor air quality and purify air with the night mode it offers for a night's sleep without holes.

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