a house with a lawn
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Dreamy stunning home

One of the most fundamental mistakes that is sometimes made in the villas built in our country due to the lack of space but sometimes only because of the lack of design is that the structure is made as steeply as possible. So much so that we even encounter situations where a villa with a total of four bedrooms and a hall has four floors. However, isn't one of the most basic motivations for living in a villa to escape unnecessary multi-storey buildings? In addition, you will never find the feeling of depth and spaciousness of a villa spread over the floor and stretching horizontally in a villa with the same total usage area but built on three or four floors. Horizontal architecture is not actually a sign of material wealth, but of mental wealth and horizon clarity.

It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a house with a lawn

Just as apartments are contrary to human nature and are later invented housing types to fit dense populations into small cities, the concept of indoor and outdoor space is actually a concept that has no place in nature and is produced. There are no interiors and outdoors in nature, only spaces. Based on this natural principle, we see that there is a tendency to combine and enlarge rather than divide and break down in this villa, where the distinction between interior and exterior is highly obscene and rendered almost invisible.

a patio with a pool and chairs

If your own pool is located right in front of the house where you live, you live one step away from an enjoyment that cannot be compared to anything else. This pool, which opens to the large lower hall and attracts attention with its longitudinal layout, also attracts attention with its landscaping.

a house with a pool

The preferences in interior decoration, which are dominated by a lean and minimal style that also carries industrial traces in places, have led to an extremely comfortable and pleasant home. From the floors to the walls, from the seating group and other furniture to the positioning of the television in the hall, every detail has been carefully focused and the most comfortable arrangement possible has been created.

a room with a table chairs and a couch

One of the features that characterizes this villa is its intensive use of wood. Starting from the exterior and continuing in various forms in interiors, this use of wood reflects a very refined pleasure.

a table and chairs in a room

In this villa, a great effort was put into not only the most visible rooms, but also all parts of the house, priority or not. Whichever way you turn your face, you see another example of this. Take this library at the end of the stairs leading to the upper floor, for example. This furniture, which can make even the living room of an ordinary house extremely stylish, is located in this house as a simple hallway arrangement. From this example, it is possible to better understand the decorative level of the villa.

 It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a room with a desk and a bookcase
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