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Donatella Versace and Bruce Weber together again after 17 years

Modelled by Gigi Hadid, Swarovski's new face Karlie Kloss and Dilone, the shots fantastically capture photos from inside her real life. This wonderful combination reveals both the modern and life-inside nature of Versace and its fascinating charm. Both menswear and womenswear collections were photographed during the photo shoot in Chicago. Some of the shots reflecting the family life with the child in the arms of the models show the common characteristics of Weber and Versace. Versace's campaign photos are scheduled to appear both on social media and in the print press. In addition to the photos, weber's signed videos will be shown at the Versace fashion show in Milan in July. Models such as Trevor Signorio and Charlie Kennedy, as well as real-life figures in the men's collection shoots; there is a bodyguard, a singer and dancers. Bruce Weber first worked with Donatella Versace in 1990, and photos emerged that could be considered cornerstones of the fashion world. Emphasizing that Bruce Weber was the most talented photographer of the era, Donatella Versace says she recolleses the history of her brand with this new campaign she worked with Weber. In a co-interview with the New York Times, bruce weber likens their relationship to Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton: "Elizabeth and I are like Richard; We're together, we're breaking up, and then we're together again..."

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