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Do It Yourself: We design a coffee table

Now we put on something and go to the nearest Ikea and buy 1 'Lındved' coffee table. You can also evaluate your old or untowing coffee table in the house. On the return we get woolen and millineer, we get knitted strips and crests in the color we want. Silicone and scissors will be your helpers. Turn up the volume of the music lightly, take your herbal tea with you, here we go!

We're starting the foot-wrapping process. We wrap it as tightly as possible to the top and fasten it with silicone. After performing the same procedure for all the feet, it's time to wrap the table of the coffee table and the little round at the bottom.

We find and mark the center point of the circular table. To apply the knitting strip in a circular way, we twist it and glue it to the center. Then we start twisting again, gluing it in a circular way. That's the part that takes the most time. Since silicone dries quickly, it will be easier to glue it in small pieces. We continue on the edges so that the white part of the coffee table is not visible at all. We do the same for the small round at the bottom.

That's as simple as that! We stick the coat of arms we bought on the table. You can even customize your coffee table using your initials so you can sign your design table. If you wish, you can cut and use glass the size of the table of the coffee table.

If questions like "How long has it been since we've been here, how long has it been?", "But there's no food at home", "I was going shopping" and "The kid's coming home from school" are starting to puzzle you, then our project has been successful. Because you didn't think about anything for an hour. We hope that you do not forget to take an occasional break and use your coffee table on good days...

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