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'Do it yourself' decoration ideas

Wall slats have become quite popular recently. A click is a process that even ourselves can do. Finding the bar in the right thickness and material is an important issue. Polystyrene foams are both an easy-to-use and dyed alternative. You can easily create your own wall design according to its thickness and shape. But in our opinion, the slats, finely chosen and positioned close to each other, create a more modern atmosphere. A more modern option, especially if you just click on the bottom or top of the wall, that is, one side, let me know :) inside the slats, you can hang a table or make a wallpaper application.

You can change the ambience of your space by drawing fine lines on your walls or painting your walls in different techniques. You will give us the right when you review the following examples!

This habit, which has come since ancient Rome, is also very common in modern Italian houses. A different design object appears when you accumulate the mushrooms of drunk wine bottles and place them in a glass vase or container that you want. And you accumulate memories. Don't forget to write history on the mushroom!

You can create hangers in different types of materials and varieties. Remember that small aesthetic touches make a big difference :)

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