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Discoveries of Istanbul: Two historical apartments in Beyoglu

"Pera" to some, "Beyoglu" to others... One of the unique districts of Istanbul that smells of history... It's got a nice street like its name, "Istiklal". I don't think anyone's in Istanbul who hasn't seen it. It is a special place that preserves the past and present of the city, which is always visited by many people as if there was a joy hidden in every corner and a happiness that it promised. So much so that when you look around you, you immediately feel a different atmosphere, and you start to witness a harmony that you haven't experienced before in a crowd that draws you in, where the judges are replaced by acceptances. If you want to have a nice and enjoyable time in places where the story of east and west is synthesized in a way that does not contradict each other. We recommend that you make your way to a cultural home, Egyptian Apartment, where you can easily see the traces of social life of the period with its history of more than a hundred years on this street...

Egyptian Apartment is a six-storey building built by Abbas Halim Pasha, son of Abdulhalim Pasha, as a winter mansion. Made by Hovsep Aznavuryan. Construction began in 1905, but it was completed in 1910, and all materials were brought from France. It is built according to art nouveau style, where the fine and elegant decorations that we mentioned earlier stand out. Especially in beyoglu and its surroundings, it is possible to find examples of this style. The building was purchased by Hayri Ipar in 1940 and a large-scale restoration was carried out in 2000.

Distinguished figures in literature and politics resided in the Egyptian Apartment.The poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy and Mithat Cemal Kuntay, who returned from Egypt in 1936, where he had been staying for some time, were some of them. It is known that Ataturk came here from time to time because the dentist Sani Günzberg's practice was located in the building. Today, there are restaurants, theatres and art galleries on site.

If you want to see how the dominant art movement of the period is reflected in a different building, you can turn your direction to Botter Apartments. For this, you need to make your way to the tunnel a little bit. Built by Jean Botter, a palace seamstress and architect of the palace, the building consists of seven floors, including the floor. The building, which includes boutiques, tailor shops and workshops, has a special importance because it is the first fashion house to show how the time of transformation of the Ottoman Empire was reflected in clothes. Exhibition and sales halls, corridors where fashion shows can be made and windows prepared on the basis of light, asymmetric entrance herbal decorations and mirrors are frequently used, a beautiful proof that all kinds of details that will affect Botter's customer base are expertly constructed and brought to life. The fact that the plan of the building is on display at Udine Contemporary Art Gallery shows how much the architect attaches importance to his work.

The building changed hands several times after the Botter family left for Paris, and is now used as a bank and advertising agency. In the meantime, we should add that it's the subject of novels.

You can listen to their stories and feel the spirit of the time once again by seeing these inspiring buildings in Beyoğlu, where art, coffee, tea and friendly conversations are all around the corner with all the products that touch the soul.

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