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Discoveries in Istanbul: Taksim Cumhuriyet Monument

Republic... When you try to write a few words on it, you see that none of the words you actually choose contain inclusive meaning and are not enough to reflect your feelings, because the republic is not only a revolution that changes the managerial structure, but also a desire to create a new and modern generation that has lost touch with the old mentally and culturally. Its foundations were laid in the most painful periods, but they are the result of strong wills. Today, it's been 97 years, how happy!  Therefore, let us focus on a historical structure that reflects the enthusiasm of the Republic and was built with the aim of keeping alive the idea of unity in social memory and explain the Republic Monument in Taksim...

It was built by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica in 1928 with the help of Sabiha (Bengütaş), the first Turkish female painter and sculptor of the Republican Period, and Mr. Ali Hadi (Bara), a sculptor who would make a name for herself with her work in later years. The work, which was completed in Rome and brought to Istanbul, is 11 meters high. It consists of closed and open niches, where colored marbles are used, enriching the structure both functionally and visually.

It stories the South and North, the War of Independence and the founding of the Republic. These two basic narratives are; "war" and "rebirth" with a different identity. Since it can be built on a gain made by paying a price, many elements that contributed were tried to be depicted. The monument, which included the people, students, members of parliament, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the staff that founded the Republic, wanted to create a historical perspective that went from piece to whole in the minds. Ataturk's statue was inspired by the photo of him leaving for Kocatepe.

At the same time, the emphasis on the concept of freedom was expressed by the inclusion of a smile on the face of the contemporary woman in the work, which also deals with the themes of veiled and free women. The opening of the work, which allows the observation of each composition and the process that has been passed through, was held with a military ceremony attended by thousands of people accompanied by the National Anthem.

On this occasion, we also celebrate our Republic Day on October 29th and, in the euphoria of the holiday, we conclude our article with ataturk's words that my humble body will be the land one day, but the Republic of Turkey will remain forever...

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