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Discoveries in Istanbul: Maiden Tower

Perhaps life is a man's attempt to leave a mark on the world, and therefore man is engaged in this fine craftsmanship that nourishes his soul, while on the one hand providing the conditions for continuing life in the modern world in which he is located. Although it has different forms, the common name of this craftsmanship is “art”, and the way the works hold their breath and live their period is the strongest proof that the boundless beauties bestowed on man in the world never disappear and always remain alive. What is it about?

In Istanbul, we are quite fortunate in artworks that go beyond time... The maiden's Tower in Üsküdar Salacak, which is certainly part of the conversation in all Istanbul conversations and has become the symbol of the city, has also been the subject of stories that have been carried from the sea to the hearts with its dim stance for more than centuries. So much so that these stories have circulated from language to language in various versions, built on the idea of the ”inevitability of Fate”, a common accepted judgment in many societies. And the tower is no less sad than the stories. He looked at everyone while everyone was looking at him, and who knows what memories went through those moments of looking...

M. of this unique structureHe. It is stated to date back to 410. First, the name of the Athenian general Alcibiades, who wanted to tax ships passing through the Strait and maintain the control mechanism of the region, is mentioned in the sources. The Byzantine Emperor Komnenus, on the other hand, built a tower in this area to contribute to the defense of the city. After conquering Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet demolished this tower and built a new tower in its place. Tower I It was restored in Selim's time, but was affected by the fires in 1719 and later converted into a lighthouse by Damat Ibrahim Pasha. The last version of the tower was made by Sultan II. Mahmut will.

The king received the news from an oracle that his daughter would be killed, and he was alarmed and brought her to this island to protect her. A few times later, the young girl closed her eyes to life after being bitten by a venomous snake that came out of her food. Again, a different story is written about the placement of the King's daughter in the tower to protect her from Battal Gazi, but this time both the King's beautiful daughter and all her treasure were kidnapped by Battal Gazi. And there's a story about lovers who commit suicide by jumping off a tower. We can call them” an overdose of sadness."

Today you can see the story of the tower on its walls, a viewing area with a museum, restaurant and cafe. Flights are available from Uskudar until 18:30 in the evening, admission is paid.

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