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Discoveries in Istanbul: Hıdiv Kasrı

During the periods of Tanzimat and legitimacy in the Ottoman state, reformed arrangements were made to restructure the administration, social and cultural life of the people. These changes, which took place primarily in the world of thought, began to manifest themselves in concrete-more visible - areas over time.  This new opening was expressed with the introduction of art and the period in which it passed through the city with the new structures built was recorded. Modern art movement, which is also showing its influence in Europe today "art nouveau” the buildings built in the style still exist as works reflecting the same mission and offer a visual feast with their elegant decorations and special designs to those who want to travel in history... Located on Beykoz Çavuklu Ridge, the Hıdiv Kasri, famous for its unique tiles and stained glass, is worth seeing as a product of this testimony. So much so that this structure reveals a period waiting to be enlightened in the mind of each new visitor...

It is known that 150 thousand gold was spent in total for the construction started in 1907 by Abbas Hilmi Pasha, who came from the family of Kavalali Mehmet Ali Pasha. Its architect is stated to be the Italian Delfo Seminati. A tower overlooking the Bosphorus was built next to Kasr. In the structure, where simplicity is at the forefront in a general sense, marble fountains and gold leaf used when darkening attract attention. There is a hall with a fireplace at the entrance and two bedrooms upstairs. After the death of Abbas Hilmi Pasha in 1944, the structure changed hands. Steel was restored by Gülersoy in 1984 on behalf of Turkey Turing and Automobile Corporation. 

You can go to Hidiv Kasri, which is currently operated by Beltur as a cafe and restaurant, to enjoy breakfast or coffee. You may want to look through the windows of Kasrın and take pictures, but first it is recommended to take a short walk in the magnificent garden and watch the grandeur of the structure when you are in the side areas where kasrın remains a little higher.

When photographing this magnificent garden, you can capture a harmony with different perspectives. But we must warn that when you feel the refreshment of the Bosphorus air combined with the grove in your breath, the desire to visit all the historical structures of this beautiful city and study and observe the changing seasons, rain, sun, spring at the scene can become a passion that you can no longer rein in.

Since we have mentioned the Hidiv lineage in our article, I would like to add a few more lines. Every time I go to this kasra-although they are independent of the structure - I think of Princess Zeynep, the daughter of Mehmet Ali Pasha of Kavalali, and Yusuf Kamil Pasha. 150 Of Zeynep Kamil Hospital, Which They Built. at the invitation of the year, I had the opportunity to listen to a relative of Yusuf Kamil Pasha. The philanthropic couple have a tongue-in-cheek love story. It can be a very beautiful period film that will be admired by history and moviegoers. Maybe in another article, we can refer to the mansions donated by the couple, poetry interviews and charity work, the days of exile spent with separation and reunions, and we can make a reminder again in this minval...

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