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Discoveries in Istanbul: Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is a very special structure that witnesses both our Ottoman and Republican history.  Six Sultans, a caliph and a unique leader of what they call “only one income in a century”; Mustafa Kemal Ataturk resided in the palace, which allows you to observe the transformation as a product of the Westernization period. I am one of those who think that today, on November 10, his death should not be commemorated once again, but his existence with the immortal artifacts that he left behind, the day should be dominated not by black, but by the color of the sunrise that he loves so much.. The sadness created by longing is also an inevitable emotion, but a world dominated by Hope; let's not forget that Atatürk is a way of life...

Infrastructure work on the area where the palace is located-the process of filling the sea - has taken quite a long time.  I. Ahmet started, II. At the end of the project, which Osman continued, the construction of the palace began in 1843 on the orders of Sultan Abdulmecid, and this process lasted 13 years. Garabet and Nikogos Balyan, members of the Balyan family, who signed many beautiful works and whose talents in the architectural field were recognized by all, designed the palace by maintaining a balance in which both simplicity and panache prevailed, but none occupied the space of the other.  At this point, it is necessary to mention that the French Sechan himself spent a lot of effort on the interior design of the palace. 

The main building, which has two wings in the form of a harem and A Salam, small mansions and a large garden... A dock 600 meters long. 285 rooms, 46 halls and 6 baths. Each of them is equipped with fine workmanship, embroidered into the spirit of the rooms, where integrity is applied separately by composition... The structure, which uses white marble on the exterior, is decorated with rich colors and details inside. It is a place where large domes, green gardens and perhaps the most beautiful Bosphorus views are observed, with pianos, crystal chandeliers, hereke carpets, paintings by famous painters such as Zonaro, Osman Hamdi Bey and Yesil Ahmet Pasha... It's hard to put into words the ceiling decorations and the magnificent doors, which are a kind of visual feast.

Let's not forget the 27-meter-high and 4-story Clock Tower. The structure, designed by Sarkis Balyan, was built in 1890. Sultan II. It was built for Abdulhamid, and his brick was placed on the second floor. In the structure, which has two thermometers and two barometers on the ground floor, you can see a combination of neo baroque and empiric decks.

Dolmabahçe Palace has another significance for all of us. As mentioned earlier, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our Republic, also lived in this palace when he came to Istanbul. November 10, 1938, his room is kept from the time of his decommissioning... His bed is covered with a Turkish flag, and all the watches show the moment of his decoupling from us. We also commemorate our ancestor with respect... 

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