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Discoveries in Istanbul: Basilica Cistern

The city of Istanbul has historically been the center of three great empires. It is not in vain that the beauty of the city is the subject of many epics and legends.  The cultural trace, ancient knowledge and experience left by every person who breathes his air to the next generation is so precious... From this point of view, it is possible to see this naïve touch that extends from person to person in the spirit of all the works of art that exist within the city. In this context, the Ground Cistern is an important example. It shows both the memory of the city and the solid and serene posture that remains in the shade.

The Cistern of The Earth was built in 532 by The Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. It has an area of about 10,000 square meters. It was built to meet the water needs of Topkapi Palace and its surroundings. Therefore, it has a water storage capacity of close to 100,000 tons. It was used for a while after the conquest of Istanbul, but was later left idle. P. Gyllius, who came to Istanbul as a representative of King Francois I of France, gained attention again with his appearance in the travel book. During the Ottoman period, it underwent renovations during the reigns of Ahmet III and Abdulhamid II.

When you enter the structure, you can feel like you are in a palace. As you walk among the marble pillars arranged nedutily with each other, you may notice that you leave the daily hustle and bustle behind, getting rid of the chaos of everyday life. In the cistern, where architecturally different stones are used, descending the stairs in front of you can create an air of mystical journey to a dream world while the harmony created by the variety surrounds you.

Of course, the effect of the Medusa Heads, which are in the cistern in this mystical effect and have been the subject of many legends, is also great. To some, Medusa has protective power, which protects the entire city. For some, it is placed on the cistern only for the need to physically support the columns.

We watch Istanbul stories with drone framesThis structure, which can be visited every day of the week by those who want to remember the splendor and magical history of drone frames, is a rare work that reminds modern people of the fact that the past always opens its doors to enthusiasts. If you want to touch on a value that describes life with the letters reflected from the water, the right address...

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