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Home Life Discovery Design and coffee met in the Power Plant Shop

Design and coffee met in the Power Plant Shop

Jazz brunches are held on weekends in this venue, which is both animal-loving and intertwined with music. Lasagna is one of the things to try in The Central Shop, which stands out with its breakfasts, salad varieties and sandwiches with many alternatives from pastry to pancakes. Cheesecake with blackberries next to homemade lemonade with ginger and mint is a delicious duo for those looking for a sweet alternative.

There are a lot of different designers selling products inside, and when you say jewelry, pillows, notebooks, you lose yourself; everything is so pleasurable... Sadehane's jewelry, Touline Ceramics' ceramics, Katzze Design's design products became my favorites.

I recommend that you stop by the Central Shop for a pleasant coffee break and to find special products together.

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