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Dermatologist recommendations for hand care

Frequent use of hand soap, disinfectant and Cologne disrupted the barrier system of our skin, leading to cracks, dryness, redness and irritation. The soap we wash our hands with is extremely important. Compatible with skin pH, non-drying, moisturizing 10 soap that feels good we should use it. Soaps containing intense chemical disinfectants cause irritation to our skin.

We should apply moisturizing cream to our hands after each wash. If we apply moisturizer to our hands in front of the TV while sitting in the evening and keep it closed for 1 hour with a refrigerator bag or plastic bag, we will repair our impaired moisture balance. 

When doing business at home, we should definitely wear rubber gloves with cloth lining inside. We should avoid direct contact with laundry and dish detergents.

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