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Delicious tenderloin recipe in the oven


No matter what animal it belongs to, just as a person's moving muscles (arms, feet, shoulders and legs) are hard and muscular, animals are just as muscular and muscular as humans. These meats require long-term cooking methods due to their texture. (Like scalding, roasting and baking methods... )

Immobile meat consists mainly of the back of the animal, waist and chest vertebrae. These meats are actually muscleless meats such as tenderloin, anthropotics, chops, contrafiles that most of us enjoy eating very much. These meats, on the other hand, require more cooking methods and tricks than moving meats. You can cook these meats in a hot iron cast pan or a steel pan like the French with a drop of sunflower oil or less caloric avocado and sesame oil. My most preferred meat and one of the methods is to pre-seal both sides nicely and then cook the meat in the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes over a high heat.

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