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Decoration recommendations for pandemic and afterwards

During this period, when we met with a Minimal number of people, we moved our office to our home in order to continue our work. We had to adjust a small space in the house so that we could put our computer, our documents. Creating a peaceful and orderly environment was, of course, important for all of us during this tense period. 

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During this period, we tried to find our inner peace most of all. Some of us chose a quiet corner to read books, some of us started painting. Let's not forget that if we establish this new order in accordance with the style, it will be sustainable.

Healthy head in a healthy body! A large number of people started Sports at home because they could not go to gyms during this period. Of course, this requires a new order. Creating a spacious space is the most important. A small enough but quiet corner to put our Yoga mat in will do for all of us.

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