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DB BERDAN 2016-17 Fall-Winter

DB BERDAN, Anthony Burgess's idea of the oppressive, dystopian world he envisioned in Automatic Orange is becoming a reality today.

DB BERDAN 2016 Fall-Winter collection patterns combine the haunting scenes of this cult film with the brand's distinctive surreal style. So much so that Burgess's unique "Nadsat" jargon, which was his own production in the novel, was used in the collection slogans. As always, the duo, who designed the collection patterns themselves, developed 30 different patterns for the collection called Ultra Violence.

The camouflage pattern consisting of the silhouette of the film's protagonist Alex, the insect figure made of flowers stands out among these patterns. The collection combines the nihilistic, expressionist attitude and intricate images of the 1975 punk movement, when the Sex Pistols were most influential, with the sharp texture of 1960s skinhead culture.

Sleeves extending to the floor, bandage details, sports ribana finishes used in glitter, transparent fabrics that are embroidered with sequins and transformed into multi-layered textures, patches and mesh details that have become the signatures of DB BERDAN were given plenty of space in the collection. The most obvious feature of the season is the blouse that looks like it was worn in it and the dresses that are actually one piece...

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