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Dark season from Fendi

The FF logo of the Italian fashion house was at the forefront of the fashion show, which took viewers to the dark side of Fendi.

FENDI/ FIEND and ROMA/ AMOR anagrams were noted in the collection, where contrasts were highlighted using anagram games. The collection, which was dominated by raincoats, anoraks, hand-sewn trousers, sports shorts and knitted polo shirts, was dominated by lightweight fabrics and graphic patterns.

Nico Vascellari was the guest artist chosen for Fendi by Silvia Venturini for the new season this year. The Italian artist, who touches the collection and the fashion show area with logo and pattern illustrations, drew attention with his anagram games and selections inspired by snakes, frogs and playing cards. Fendi Monster handbag charms featured prints and patterns inspired by game cards, portraying the pastor, Silvia Venturini Fendi as the queen and Karl Lagerfeld in joker form.

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