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Current stopping time

The world of social media continues to produce a new trend every day.

Our new trend is; The Mannequin Challenge, the living statues. In this new movement, where people become living statues, all kinds of movements such as sneezing and winking are forbidden.

The Mannequin Challenge was first revealed in a video taken at Edward H. White High School in Florida, USA. This trend, which spread rapidly on social media, was loved by everyone in almost every field. Celebrities, football clubs and even the White House are among those who have joined the movement.

Celebrities joining the trend include Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears.


A video posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

#mannequinchallenge @todrick @marthahunt @dr.jari @lilydonaldson @austinkingsleyswift @leahmccarthy

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

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