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Curious about rejuvenation treatments without surgery

Applications made with technological devices, serum, vitamins and mesotherapy methods without any surgical intervention are called. Along with the rapid progress of technology, it is a set of processes that do not take much time, both with and without a device, allowing people to continue their daily routine where they left off. The aggravation of our living conditions, unhealthy foods, environmental and genetic factors brought with them some skin problems. Aging on the skin began to be felt at a younger age. It has not only affected the appearance, but also our psychology. For this reason, the need for small touches was born. Non-surgical skin rejuvenation practices were born out of this need and grew rapidly.

The biggest reason is that there are painless, painless procedures without surgery. An immediate return to everyday life is provided. After that, any control does not require intense attention. Surgical procedures are considered at a more advanced age, while non-surgical methods appeal to people of all ages. With the introduction of superior technology devices into the sector, faster results began to be obtained. We can say that this also increases interest.  

In our non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, we have device and device-free methods. Satin face lift, Hi Fu, laser, Scarlet is able to rejuvenate the skin with the latest technology devices and fix some problems.

BTL satin face lift; the combination of ultrosone and radiofrequency allows you to produce your own collagen by providing stimulation under the skin with heat and sound waves. The number of sessions varies from person to person. After examination, the skin structure changes depending on its elasticity. We prefer satin stretching for baby skin.  After treatment, firmness, skin elasticity and lifting effect by revitalizing collagen tissue and natural method is very pleasing to our consultants.

Our other effective device is FDA approved Scarlet s Golden Needle our application is a method that eliminates seventeen different skin problems that send vitamins that the skin needs directly under the skin, providing repair to damage, thanks to radiofrequency waves applied under the skin with multiple micro gold tips. Recently, especially acne, tightening, acne, scar tissue problems and wrinkle removal, skin recovery, correction is a very preferred effective application.

If we are going to talk about device-free rejuvenation processes, I would like to first tell you about our method of hanging rope. We restore the Middle face, which has fallen over the years, in an extremely comfortable way without pain with a 30-minute procedure.  I know how this happens, are you saying it's possible?  At the same time, we can apply our rope hanging process to people with low eyebrows in the form of eyebrow hanging. As the ropes melt over time and form their own collagen in the area where they hold on as they melt, they create their own permanence. Our clients and we are very happy with the results.

Any device and pain is an application that directly gives the skin its needs, nourishing the top and bottom of the skin, which helps your skin cannula without pain. Mesotherapy stimulates the collagen and elastic structure of the skin with specially prepared solutions. Blood circulation is accelerated and provides skin configuration. Mesotherapy has a wide application zone and purpose. According to the needs of the person, substances such as amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid are prepared. The skin tissue is thus repaired and is intended to regain its former firmness. Proper administration of injected vitamins or solutions affects the success rate of the result. It is a treatment method that we resort to for wrinkles, skin spots, sagging, regional lubrication, cellulite and hair loss as well as skin problems. In addition to mesotherapy, prp and stem cell treatments are coming along with the preferred natural applications. It is preferred by many because it is a method of separating our own cells from our own blood and returning them to the body.

These applications are generally preferred by people whose middle face succumbs to gravity. Of course, the procedure is performed according to the person's wishes and according to the decision of our doctor after the examination. But if we say a certain age December, we can say 18 – 65.

Pain and no pain, quite comfortable procedures.

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