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Curious about Covid-19 infection in children

We are happy to be here too. Today, the point is... we've been dealing with a huge pandemic since March. We have suffered very serious material and moral losses, we have lost many relatives.  Many measures are being taken, but the losses are constantly increasing. Unfortunately, the measures are insufficient, and it is necessary to accept this. As a pediatrician, I say, children are luckier in this regard. Although there are many differences of opinion, it is agreed that children experience this disease more mildly and infect it less, even if they get sick, we do not have a very serious doubt about it. As if nature is trying to protect children from this disease. The proportion of children in all cases is between 1-8% and the average age is between 7 and 6 years Dec. After this introduction, I can start answering questions now.

It's very rare that children have severe disease. We've seen a few severe cases, in which there's usually a chronic condition that lies behind. If a sick child is the first in the family to come to me, we have to see if the child has Covid-19 to protect other members of the family. But if it is the parents in the family who are first sick, even if the child has symptoms such as fever, sore throat, low back pain, we give a quarantine for 14 days without treatment, accepting a direct positive without testing. Currently, as a state policy, children in the home, even if they are sick, are not tested and given medication.

A lot of things have been said about it from the beginning. But the main path of transmission is droplet infection. If one of the 2 people confronted is sick and does not have masks, there is a possibility of infection. If the sick person has a mask, if the non-sick person does not, there is a chance that he will get infected again, but the risk is less. That's where the importance of the mask comes in. If people are in a closed area and have stopped in a closed area for more than 15 minutes, there is a risk of infection again if they have chatted. In the open field, this risk can be much less. Cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, of course, have a risk of infection. But from my 9-month experience, I can say that the disease is more transmitted from people you work with, from those at the same workplace and from family, inter-neighbor meals, children's birthdays, decaying together. We should never go to anyone's house for dinner, no one should come to our house for guests, we should learn to say “no”. That's a shame. It's mostly transmitted from people we know. Another rumor is that the virus is transmitted by hanging in the air. That way it doesn't get infected. No more than 1-2 minutes after the virus is released into the air.Tue. then he completely collapses to the ground. It was said that it can be transmitted from grocery bags, fruits, surfaces. There's a risk of transmission this way, but it's very low. So the main issues that we should definitely pay attention to are 1-Mask, 2-Distance.

The only test we recommend to children is a test that is performed by taking snot from the nose, which we call PCR, and sometimes by entering it through the mouth. At the moment, there are no other tests that we do to diagnose, other than a PCR test. If the PCR test is positive, it means there is a disease. We're counting on a positive result. But when it's negative, it doesn't mean it's really negative. If there is a positive patient in the house, for example, if the mother is positive but the father is negative, it is necessary to accept the father as positive, we do not need to take care of the child anyway. A blood test is an antibody test, and looking at the result of this does not help. Even if the antibody test is positive, we cannot increase social relationships, we cannot go out without a mask, the result we will get from this test does not benefit. 

Every child over 2 years of age should wear a mask. Children can lower the mask when there is a problem with breathing, as adults do when they are uncomfortable, but we do not recommend it to them, since babies cannot do so.

An excess of no vitamin does not benefit the body in any way. I'll give you an example, iron. When it's low, it causes mental retardation. So, does getting a lot of iron increase intelligence? No. Taking extra vitamin D, for example, is a side effect. I mean, there's no need to take more than any vitamin. If the child has a balanced diet, he can take all the vitamins with food. There is sun all over Turkey. There is enough vitamin D synthesis when we show our hands or cheeks to the sun on the balcony, in the hall, or outdoors for about half an hour a day. We don't need extra vitamin D for that. We have to eat fish 2 days a week. We need to get the kids used to it. Without that, we pay a lot of money for fish oil. We should get vitamin B and D from the fruit. We should eat plenty of onions, garlic. In a nutshell, I don't have any vitamins that we will buy at the pharmacy after a balanced diet. Of course, I give supplements to children who do not eat well, eat little, for example, do not eat fish in any way. But it's no use giving fish oil to the kid who's already eating his fish.

If it comes to a symptomatic child, that is, with a fever or cough, treatment can be done against what we call symptomatic, that is, whatever the findings are. If a temperature we measure under the armpit is above 38.5 degrees, we give it paracetamol. Why are we waiting for 38.5 to give medication when the fever is normal until 37? Because a little high fever in all viral infections has a benefit in fighting the virus. 37-38 no need to drop the fire for nothing. We can give paracetamol every 4 to 6 hours a day on an empty stomach. If the child is vomiting, we can use paracetamol suppositories. Never forget this. If a child's fever is over 39, no matter what disease it is, we always put it in a shower with warm water, keeping it for a long time until the fever drops. And we can cool the water slowly.Our 2. We have an auxiliary preparation, ibuprofen. This drug was mainly blamed for increasing the symptoms of the disease in children and adults. But there are no findings on this issue. We can also use ibuprofen.

The vaccine that comes to Turkey is mostly the Chinese vaccine. Using his name in this way has a connotation as” Made in China", but this vaccine is a vaccine made with a technology that we already know and use. It is given a Free State of the virus from its disease-making effect and allows the production of antibodies. Right now, we have no choice but to get this vaccine. If it continues like this, we will shoot it for longer. However, I have not seen any serious side effects in these vaccines so far. Children will not be vaccinated yet. Other tests need to be done so that they can be vaccinated. No vaccine has ever left us in a difficult position. I believe these vaccines will work, too.

Even if we get vaccinated, we'll have to use a mask for another 3, 4, maybe 6 months. 

Thank you very much for all the information. I hope it can reach a lot of people. It was very useful. Let's meet on healthy days.

Thank you, I wish everyone a healthy day. 

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