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Curious about breast aesthetics

"Breast implants are prosthetic products used in internal filling and made of silicone in breast aesthetics operations with the simplest explanation. Breast implant operations are operations performed to give a person a more aesthetic appearance after deforming the appearance of the breast as a result of different reasons or treating diseases such as breast cancer. Breast aesthetics surgery can be performed for some women due to lack of breast size, for others due to weight or sagging after birth. A common feature of prosthetics used in operations, regardless of their shape, is that their outer layers consist of silicone.

Breast structure is different depending on the body shape of each woman. For this reason, implants produced in accordance with different body sizes and breast structures are divided into species.  Between a round implant types breast implant, medical language, known among the people as The Shape of anatomically more drops, the implant and the external surface is rough or sponge structure coated with breast implants are available.

Breast aesthetic surgery results in different appearance in different people. For this reason, the main goal in plastic surgery is not to give shape, but to give the breast an aesthetic appearance. This is only possible if the specialist who will perform the operation actively listens to the person and can use the right techniques. Each breast aesthetic operation is a completely individual study and is evaluated by experts along with the level of stitching and different forms of implants.

Choosing the right prosthesis is very important when we consider factors such as achieving the imagined size and shape and establishing the balance between the two breasts equally, as it is among the main goals of the operation.decal is decal. Although there are numerous prosthetic forms, the most preferred implant forms by experts are drop prosthesis and round prosthesis. In drop prostheses, the lower area becomes more plump, while the upper part of the breast gets a slightly flattened image. A round prosthesis, on the other hand, takes shape as a Hemisphere, just like a sponge-supported bra, and fills in the gaps. 

As mentioned, The Shape of a drop prosthesis is implants in which the lower part of the breast is filled more and the upper part has a more dominant appearance than the lower part. The round shape of the prosthesis consists of prostheses in which the breasts appear more erect and round, giving the shape of a Hemisphere. Although the advantages of these two prostheses are different, details such as the patient's weight, height, body size, whether he has previously undergone an operation, the thickness of the skin and November, the rate of sagging in the breast tissue, and how he prefers the appearance are taken into account when choosing. 

Drop prosthesis; provides a fuller appearance for patients with thinner skin in the breast and rib cage area,gives a natural appearance to people with low November muscle mass. If sagging is present in the breast, it gives the breast an ideal shape with a much more collective appearance. A round prosthesis is preferred if the thickness of the breast skin is present. High round implants reduce pressure on the tissue, help establish a balance of proportion if sagging is present in the breast and the collection process will be performed. In addition, in patients who have previously undergone breast aesthetics and prefer round prosthetics, it fully fills the pocket area, provides a pleasant image in low-cut clothing, does not need to use a supported bra in daily life.

Of course, the lightness of the breast implant is important in terms of the comfort of the person in daily life or during sports. In this regard, the B-Lite lightweight breast implant is preferred by many experts all over the world because of this feature. Being the first light breast implant, this type of implant reduces the load on the breast by about 30% compared to a normal implant. Thus, comfort in daily life also increases. Produced by high technology B-Lite series, in the medical world, it is seen as the most important development of 30 years in the field of breast aesthetics.

Breast implant operations are probably among the areas where most development is achieved.decipher the research in the medical world today, among plastic surgeries, breast implant operations are probably among the areas where most decipherment is achieved. Although there are rumors that breast aesthetics are risky from time to time, research on this issue has become frequent in recent years, and different methods have been developed by experts to eliminate the risks. Breast implants are defined as a fairly safe application if the quality of silicone used is within the required standards. Although the image that the patient wants to have in breast implants is the main element, The Shape of the chest, skin tissue or body structure are also among the deceptive factors that the specialist considers.

At the beginning of the elements that need to be considered before applying the Implant comes to find the right doctor. Research into this can be carried out by various methods, if necessary, references can be taken from people who have previously undergone the operation. Because the patient and the doctor's meetings, which have yet to begin at the decision stage and continue frequently, are of great importance both for the good result and for the light circumvention of the operation as much as possible. The attending physician should accurately assess the patient's resume, future expectations and current health problems when deciding on the operation. At this point, if necessary, the image after the operation can be designed with the help of drawings, the steps necessary to make the person's life easier can be explained to the patient. In mutual negotiations, the patient's duty is, of course, to be honest with the doctor. Some details about what kind of image he wants to have and his daily life may be important to the doctor at the stage of forming ideas.

The most important thing to consider in breast aesthetics surgery should be to ensure high living standards after the operation. This is only possible with freedom of movement, comfort and self-confidence brought by an aesthetic appearance. B-Lite lightweight breast implant, which makes a difference with its lightness, is often preferred by both patients and Doctors With its short recovery time after surgery and long-lasting availability.

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