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Create meditation space at home in 6 steps

During meditation you can use any accessory, scent, stone or object that relaxes your body and mind. Edlike handmade meditation candles will give you energy when the smell meets the stones. It is also known that herbs in incense bundles are spiritually good for our chakra points. It should be burned on a plate sent with a Set and smoked all over the house. In the 7 chakras in our body, our life energy is in constant flow. In a healthy individual, these chakras rotate quickly. Slowing or not working of any Chakra prevents the flow of energy and causes certain disorders both physically and spiritually. Each stone has a different frequency, and as long as we use it, they transmit the healing we need.

During your meditation, we should focus not only on the idea that tomorrow will be better or better, but also on making sense of the events and emotions that we encounter, feeling the teaching. Aromatherapy is also a good meditation accompaniment for this purpose... Before using aromatherapy scents, you should make sure that the place is filled with fresh air.Juliette: For purposes such as raising the energy of pure hope, love, fertility, Joy, providing concentration, you can apply pure essential oils during your meditation by massaging yourself with 5-10 drops according to your mode. At the same time, you can refresh the air in your living space when you use it with a diffuser and Censer. Bade Natural aromatherapy oils are also healthy alternatives that you can use...  

A comfortable fit helps meditation and calm. “Sjórinn Istanbul meditation cushion set " fits perfectly with body shape and posture. The light, airy comfort of the top support cushion reacts to your shape. It gives both robustness and softness to your spine and seat. The supporting lower floor cushion provides leg and knee integrity, providing a comfortable comfort for you to meditate, sit or rest. It combines linen, cotton and lavender-flavored interior material, consisting of materials that support organic, plant-based and sustainable recycling.  Mini coffee tables where you can put extra accessories such as candles, incense; oils and chakra stones that we light during meditation ‘Sjórinn Istanbul round floor coffee table’; 17 in the art of wood carving. it is produced with the skillful hands of Mehmet master, who has a history dating back to the century, engaged in woodworking in the Black Sea coastal town, in the light of his own tradition, shaping the linden tree with great care. 'Sjórinn Istanbul aromatherapy Eye Pillow' is an aromatherapic supplement product used for the purpose of deep relaxation in studies such as yoga and meditation... During rest, it blocks the light with its weight and gently massages the eye area, allowing you to travel in your own inner sea with the relaxing effect of lavender.

Your own self-discovery and awareness of your consciousness, on your journey of words affirmations cards and 3 Navigate to revive the 21st prepared #which kalbindinlensi cards; the greatest inspiration all shades of Blue was designed by Gamze Yalçın and depth. Each card represents a unique theme in these designs, which can be accessed from the Sjórinn Istanbul website. It is impossible to choose the wrong card; the right one will always manifest itself!

Incense is one of the sine qua non of your meditation room...  Kyphi Natural in; smells like sage and palo santo really relax the soul, mind and body. You can use these products together with colored and decorative ceramic incense.

Chakras are 7 energy centers in our body. They are called Root Chakra, Cross-Central (sexual) Chakra, solar nerve Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra respectively. The root chakra is our center of connection with the material world, and its color is red. The cross-Center Chakra is the center of sexual energies and creativity, and its color is orange. The yellow-colored solar nerve Chakra located in our abdomen is our center where we emit our emotional energy and determine our ability to communicate. The colors of the Heart Chakra are Yesil and pink. This chakra is the center of the flexibility of the heart, relationship building and touch. The throat chakra, represented in blue, is the center of expression, communication and inspiration. The Third Eye Chakra, the center of our higher mental powers, intellectual capacity, memory, will and attaining consciousness, is dark blue in color. The Crown Chakra, our peak chakra, is the center of our communication with the Divine with its purple color. The crown chakra is the source and starting point of all Chakra energies. Too much or too little work by any of these centers disrupts our energy balance.

Aromatherapy not only helps you relax, but also provides other benefits. This form of therapy, which is gaining momentum, is believed to stimulate brain function and is on track to become a mainstream healing aid. Homemade Aromatherapy by massaging your body with chakra oils, you can help your skin to refresh and gain freshness, while helping to strengthen your aura with Aura spray and refresh your environment with its pleasant smell that makes you feel good. Apply it pointedly to your wrists, behind your ears, or to any area of your skin you want with meditation rolls. Focus will help your body and mind relax, concentrate.

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