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Countdown to the series of My Homeland You

"You Are My Homeland" tells the story of a family reunited that was torn apart in the days of occupation, and the struggle of a magical, passionate and unforgettable love to survive in the shadow of the occupation.

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"You Are My Homeland", which will bring to the screen a period that begins with the Balkan War and the occupation of Izmir, in which it is never understood who is a traitor and who is a hero, is the story of the reunion of a dismembered family in the occupied city...

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Major Cevdet, played by Halit Ergenc, is ambushed and shot in the back. And when he opens his eyes, he says, He has been a prisoner of the Greek army, where he has been fighting for his homeland for years.

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Onur Saylak cevdet's close friend Tevfik appears in front of the audience. Although Tevfik was close enough to Cevdet to entrust his family during the days of occupation; These tough times will be the test of two close friends.

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Sebnem Hassanisoughi plays Eftalya. Tevfik's secret love Eftalya wants to get married. Only after a while does he realize that Tevfik loves someone else.

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Korel, who is in front of the camera with his wife Halit Ergenc, plays Aziza, who lives a difficult life with her three children and mother-in-law. The series will be shown on Channel D.

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