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Colourful collection inspired by art

Everything from shades and color names to designs in this special collaboration was inspired by the artist's work.

Basquiat was part of the new movement of expressionism that stood up to minimalist and conceptual art that dominated the 1970s. His new expressionist artists rejected the stereotypes of art and designs. They reflected objects known for different textures and dense colors in their raw form. The collection includes three palettes inspired by Basquiat's drawings. Tenant Eyeshadow Palette is a very special eight, with dreamy vivid colors; and the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette has eight new, must-have natural colors. Gallery Blush Palette completes the trio with 4 powders consisting of a bronzer, an illuminator and two tons of blush.

The collection also includes a new lipstick color and tricolor eyeliner added to the very special Vice series.

The face of the campaign was Ruby Rose, a Basquiat fan. Rose, a big Basquiat fan, has a portrait of the artist on her arm and an iconic crown tattooed on her chest.

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