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Colourful 4 winter combi

You can achieve a more cheerful and energetic look by creating a colorful, chirpy combination by keeping together many main colors such as red, navy blue, yellow, black, white.

Cossack-Mango, Pants-Koton, Shoe-Moon Boot, Beret-H&M

background pattern

Especially this season, the fun and colorful berets are the ideal option for such colorful combinations in snowy weather.

Sweater-Zara, Pants-Twist, Shoe-Zara, Beret-Koton

background pattern

Those who say black suits white the most can also be the "snow queen" of the day by creating a combination in white/cream tones from top to bottom.

Kazakh-Zara, Pants-Mango, Shoe-Vepa, Beret-Mudo

a pair of pink and white dresses

If anyone doesn't give up on black, they may prefer a black tights or trousers and boots at the bottom, but it may be worth using some pattern and color at the top.

Kazakh-Zara, Pants-Silk Road, Shoe-Pegia, Beret-Koton

a pair of blue socks and a pair of black boots
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