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Collection from H&M supporting the UEFA Foundation

H&M aims to meaningfully contribute to their future by encouraging children to stay active and take part in the global dimension of football, donating to a foundation that uses sport to support human rights-related humanitarian projects in the areas of income, health, education and their integration. A children's collection of one-to-one copies of football shirts from 16 countries around the world has been launched at hm.com.

"We want children to remain active these days - at home or in their own backyard or perhaps at school - wherever possible, while at the same time giving them hope for a brighter and more dynamic future. With this collection of football jerseys, our goal is not only to inspire children all over the world, but also to ensure the welfare of children for generations by donating 100% of the profits to the UEFA Children's Foundation," said Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Children's Clothing Design at H&M.

The UEFA Children's Foundation was established in 2015 to help children and protect their rights. It helps to create support, promote access to sports activities, facilitate the personal development of children and ensure the integration of minorities, especially in sports and football, as well as in the fields of health and children's education.

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