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Home Life Discovery Coffee and design met in one place

Coffee and design met in one place

In this place, where everything from the bar inside to the lighting is handmade, you also have the chance to buy everything you like from the seats to the tables. Especially in Mitte, which is a different concept in each corner that attracts attention with its walls, whether you take your coffee and have a pleasant conversation in the opposite seats, or work for hours with your dessert next to your tea at the tables, the choice is up to you.

Of course, with the beautification of the weather, gardening with ice-cold lemonade is one of the indispensables.  Also in the dessert corner, which consists of homemade desserts, comes gluten-free honey almond cake, German cheesecake, poppy pepper cake and banana bread. In addition to these delicious desserts, it is also enjoyable to drink antique coffee and tea served in mother cups.

At the same time, the spread breakfast prepared with natural products, bacon egg, one of the specialties of this place, is one of the must-try.

Weekends, which are also very colorful with workshops and design markets held at certain times, are an unmissable opportunity for those who want to enjoy a nice coffee and spend different time.

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