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City when love begins: Grasse

With its narrow streets surrounded by colorful walls, café chairs thrown into the streets, tiny shops, we discovered Grasse, which is suddenly a curiosity for you. This tiny city, 20 minutes from Cannes, has been known as the capital of perfume since the 17th century.

Grasse, which is on the mountainous side of provence region in southern France, which is dizzy by the smell of lavender fields, is one of the first places in Europe that comes to mind when it comes to perfume. Two-thirds of perfume flavours in France come from here, and there is talk of an industry worth €600 million. Grasse is a town worth a visit with its narrow streets, three perfume factories and cathedral.

The city can be reached by train from Cannes and Nice. Perfume museums and perfume shops are the most frequently visited places in Grasse, where two million tourists visit each year to participate in perfume tours.

When you leave place des Aires, the tiny town's square with a 15th Louis-era fountain in the middle, and enter the sprawling alleyways, you can enjoy getting lost among italian-influenced houses. Of course, let's also remember that in the summer these narrow streets are crawling with tourists.

While you're at it, don't come back until you see the Frogonard perfume museum and the international perfume museum. There's the Rose exhibition in May and the Jasmine Harvest Festival in August.

More information can be found at provenceweb.fr and beyond.fr/villages/grasse-provence-france .

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