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'citrus' effect on eye makeup

We first saw this colorful makeup trend in Zendaya during the Hollywood awards season we left behind. She attended the Australian premiere of "The Greatest Showman" with make-up in shades of yellow on her eyelids that accompanied her dress.

Zendaya with short hair

Soon after, this eye make-up, which evolved into red and orange colors, appeared frequently on the red carpet. At Emily Ratajkowski's Golden Globes party, margot Robbie continued her eye-catching graphic eye make-up with orange headlights that stretched almost to her eyebrow bone.

Emily Ratajkowski with brown hair
Margot Robbie with blonde hair

This trend, which has a 'citrus' effect on the eyes, will be in harmony with you, whether you are light or dark-skinned. If this pretentious and colorful look scares you a little, you can frame your eyes just by creating an eyeliner effect. We usually see classic make-up on the red carpet and at invitations. This colorful and vibrant trend has brought a full spring weather!

Emma Stone with long hair
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