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Choosing fabric for home decoration

The textures will vary depending on the tones you will use and which style you choose. We usually choose fabrics that are more hairy and thick in winter, which will keep you warm, while in summer we choose fabrics that will keep you cooler and finely textured. I prefer cotton supporting fabrics in areas where I use velvet. But I never use linen and velvet together.Dec. It creates complete confusion when combined with velvet, which evokes winter, and linen, which gives a summer feeling. So I separate each fabric and texture according to style. I prefer to use the popular fabric of the last period in combination with boucle and decolletage and leathers.

Let's go back to the separation according to the style I just mentioned. I also want to share with you some special tips on this issue this summer. Bohemian decoration in 5 stepsand this year it's hugging us. No matter what you say, you can determine the style of this summer with wicker-textured baskets, swallows made of linen fabric, curtains that mix raw silk linen-woven fabrics that we call bag fabric, and similar materials. I care very much that the products I prefer here are ton-surton. Dec Dec yesileceğiniz, but if you want to use the color between the Greens will be the most appropriate. Yesil Yesil, you can support warm-toned greens, such as lime green, with pale salmon and tile colors. Again, linen-textured fabrics will support the solid patinated furniture that you use during decals. 

If you choose to lacquer your furniture, you can move away from the warm effect that this combination will create and create a chaos of meaning. Speaking of lacquer, I'd like to say that every material evokes a style in me. Lake reflects minimal style for me. For example, a thin, long tv unit, a single triple seat in shades of Grey opposite it, a carpet without patterns, and a glass coffee table will make it easier to understand what I mean.

In short, when playing with textures, you can always diversify and classify them according to your style and the visuals you create. If you say I can't bring it to life in my head, you can follow the images in various applications and websites to improve it.

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