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Children's events for April 23

Music and Painting Journey with Beethoven

Children aged 6-9 years meet famous compositions by the famous composer Beethoven. In this workshop, which will take place between 13.00 and 13.45 on Saturday, April 22nd, children sing Beethoven's Turkish Anthem by combining it with Turkish lyrics. Afterwards, children listening to the famous composer's Moonlight Sonata discuss and paint what kind of landscape he may have observed while composing this work. The cost of this event, which will take place at Akbank Sanat, is 10TL.

Multisessive Children's Choir

The Pera Museum invites all children to the museum to celebrate the National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23. Classical music concert is taking place with Kadikoy Municipality Children's Arts Center. Afterwards, the Children's Art Center Chamber Orchestra is accompanied by a group from the Multisessive Children's Choir. The concert is free of charge on Saturday, April 22 from 14.00 to 15.00.


The event, which will take place on April 22nd, takes children on a journey to explore the depths of space. In the new Space Mission space-themed episode, turkey's first space traveler, Halil Boatman, narrates.

The Boy Embracing Art

Istanbul Modern invites children to meet with art and design the story of the "boy who embraces art" based on his museum experiences. The event begins with the unraveling of riddles specially prepared for children. Children who solve puzzles turn specially crafted cards and a moveable figure into a "child embracing art" with colors, motifs and images inspired by serge experiences. The event is free of charge.

Music for peace

On April 23rd, 150 children who form the Istanbul, Bursa and Adalar orchestras of the Music for Peace Foundation, which replaces the lives of children and young people living in disadvantaged areas with music, will announce their songs to a wide audience on April 23rd. Tickets for the concert, which will take place on 23 April at Zorlu PSM, are on sale at Biletix.

Miniature Doll Houses

Children will design their own miniature dollhouses using wooden materials in the Miniature Doll Houses workshop, which will be held at the Toy Museum on Saturday, April 22. The cost of the event is between 9TL and 12TL.

Tales from Cagla Shikel

Cagla Şıkel organizes a very special event in Kanyon with children's tales to be told. At this event, which will take place on Saturday, April 22nd, at Kanyon Cinemaximum, Cagla Shikel will tell the children the story "The Boy Who Participated in the Sleep Championship". The event is free but requires advance booking.

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