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Children are waiting for a summer holiday full of art

Istanbul Modern organizes workshops for children aged 7-12 years at 10.00-12.00 am every weekday under the direction of museum experts and artist workshops at 13.00-16.00 in the afternoon. Children aged 4-6 years can participate in artist workshops between 10.30-12.30 in the morning as part of the program.

In the summer art workshops held between July 11th and August 26th, children will have the chance to apply many art with different practices, both to push the boundaries of their creativity. It is possible to register daily or weekly in summer art workshops.

Some of the events are as follows:

Summer Art Workshops (4-6 Years)

Sound Workshop
This workshop, which opens the door to the world of sound, invites children to discover the sounds around us and dream about sounds. The workshop begins with games associated with predicting what the sounds we hear on the streets can be, discovering and mimicking how the sounds we often encounter in our kitchen or anywhere in our home are formed. Then the children define the emotions that sounds feel and express their feelings by producing sounds with the objects of their choice. The workshop is completed with children creating a piece of music.

Improvised music workshop

The workshop, which begins with the listening of pieces of different musical styles and produced with various instruments, continues with the discovery of "improvisation", the spirit of jazz. In the second step of the program, where musical expressions will be supported by the paintings and painting activities they draw, children select instruments for themselves in the workshop and produce improvisations with these instruments. The program is completed by depicting the songs produced.


Sculpture Workshop

In this workshop, children produce figures with ceramic pulp. They create fantastic figures that bring together the characteristics that most affect them, based on the bodies of the animals they love, in one body. The children complete the program by painting these works they have created.

Colors and Cute Heroes

This workshop is a fun adventure associated with using the main colors, intermediate colors and contrasting colors and producing new colors. Children start this workshop by painting on different geometric forms prepared for them in advance. They have conversations about the warmth of color and what it feels like. They then draw on the surfaces they paint and combine the surfaces to transform their color work into cute heroes that they can take with them after the workshop.

Summer Art Workshops (7-12 Years)


Fairy Tale Machine

The children, who participated in the program with a fairy tale book, meet with the artist Bager Akbay in the workshop and listen to the introduction to a fairy tale that the artist imagined for them in the first step. After this introduction, in which Deniz, the fairytale hero, decides to make a machine that writes fairy tales, they imagine how the fairy tale ends, questioning whether the hero has achieved his goal, and how a machine that writes fairy tales can be produced if it has. The workshop continues with children examining the material and words that make up the fairy tales in the fairy tale books they bring with them. Children create new fairy tales using a computer software that combines words, word structures with experimental applications in different forms and a fairy tale machine that produces new fairy tales. The program is based on linguist Vladimir Propp's book "The Formality of the Fairy Tale". The workshop aims to create a technology-based structure for children to look at fairy tales from another perspective and create their own.

Poet Robot Deniz Yilmaz

The program invites children to work with a robot that writes poetry. Children start their workshop by producing poems in which they randomly determine their words and evaluating the effects of randomity on their poems. The second step of the program is to investigate whether it is possible to design poetry producers based on long texts. Children are evaluating the possibilities with computers and other technological materials. The program is completed by the artist's design, the poetic robot Deniz Yilmaz, preparing a poem written for each of the children for the first time. Inspired by Tristan Tzara's Dadaist Poetry, the program opens a fun door full of question marks for children.

Moving Games Workshop

Can a robot make a game for us? Who sets the rules of the game? Can he foresee strategies in the game? This workshop begins with the implementation of these directions by children by a robot that produces various directions. Then, using simple programs, children prepare the steps of a physically played game and the software for combinations of directions that the computer will generate.

Digital Sounds Workshop

The workshop is an experimental study on foresgrounding possible combinations of different sounds and exploring rhythms formed by repetitions. In the workshop, children identify sounds, define sounds with certain frequencies, create sound repetitions and create simple software that randomly combines all these structures. The workshop is completed by evaluating this sound universe formed at the end of the program.


Stories on the Wall

Children start their workshop with a certain number of images acquired by drawing lots. Each child constructs a visual story with an equal number of images. Some of the images will be ready for use, while others will be prepared by children using molds, cutting, painting, transforming. With the images prepared, children complete the workshop by creating a fictional and visual story on large papers affixed to the wall.

Transforming Objects

Maybe a leaf will be the trunk of a monster, maybe a walnut will turn into a turtle's back, or a photo of a pliers will become the mouth of an alligator... In this workshop, work based on imagination is carried out based on some small objects, organic objects found in nature or some visuals. Children gain new images and forms by leding the properties of these given objects, adding to them, and transforming them. With the help of imagination, ordinary objects become extraordinary and artistic.

Masks from Collage

In this workshop, children create layers of textured papers, colored transparent papers, transparencies and ready-made images cut from magazines and prepare portraits or masks for themselves. The work is enriched by the transparent material showing different layers. Children leave the workshop with these unusual masks, which they produce by overlapping different colors and patterns.

More information can be found at [email protected].

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