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Cherry brownie recipe


• 250 g dark chocolate
• 4 eggs

• 160 g of butter

• 160 g brown sugar
• 7 g cocoa (1 tablespoon)
• Salt in a flick
• 100 g cherry

  • 27g flour (1/4 cup)



• When starting the brownie, let's set the oven to 180 degrees in turbo setting first.
• Then heat in a pan until the butter melts.
• We put the melted butter on top of the chocolate we pour into a bowl and stir until melted.
• On the other side, we beat the egg and sugar until the color changes and the consistency is homogeneous.
• We blend flour, cocoa and salt in a bowl.
• Then we gradually add the egg mixture that we fluff together with the powder mixtures to the buttered chocolate mixture, respectively.
• You must feed the combination together without mixing too quickly.
• Pour the brownie mixture into 20*20 oily paper-lined molds, place the chernishes on them periodically and press lightly on them.
• Then put in the preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes.
• After 30 minutes, you can cool and serve at room temperature.

• After soaking the eggs at room temperature, whisk.
• When whisking, take care to beat in one direction.
• When combining the mixture, mix the spatula from the bottom up.
• If you mix too much, the fluffy eggs may go out, and your brownie will not swell while cooking as desired.
• Do not open in the preheated oven for 25 minutes, cook very cookable controlled due to the setting of your oven and do not leave after 30 minutes.
• Serve after removing from the oven and completely cooling, the inside will be damp and wet.

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