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Check up yourself with 9 questions

Because of the pandemic, millions chose to put off some health problems they thought ‘didn't matter’. But sometimes ignoring the signals that our bodies give can lead to problems that can risk our lives Dec. For this reason, a check-up that you will do at home by checking some of the important symptoms that your body gives can be a savior. An Internal Medicine Specialist, Doctor Lütfiye Derya Inal, home check-up to recognize the person's own body, increase awareness and changes in the body in the early period can be provided to notice, he said. Uzm. Dr. Lütfiye Derya Inal informed us about how we can recognize what disease is in our body in the 9 questions we ask ourselves.

Light-colored urine means that you consume enough fluid, but as much as possible, the majority of fluid consumption should be water. Dark urine, indicates low fluid consumption, but is accompanied by burning in the urine, groin pain and odor, urinary tract infection it could be indicative. But remember that the use of antibiotics and vitamins can also change the color and smell of urine. Tea-colored urine is an indicator of bleeding. If pain is accompanied, you may be pouring stones or sand. If there is painless bleeding, it indicates tumors of this area, it should certainly not be neglected. If you eat a large amount of beets, your urine color can turn pink without bleeding. Bubbling in urine it is an indicator of kidney diseases where protein leakage occurs. If the urine has started to foam in those with diabetes and blood pressure, there may be protein leakage due to kidney destruction.

If there is no decrease in your saliva epidemic, if your tongue is not dry, if your skin becomes decayed when you squeeze it between two fingers, if your armpits are moist and your urine color is light, you are consuming enough fluid.

If there is a thickening of the nails along with yellowing of the nails, the most nail fungus occurs. If the nail discolorates close to black, it can be a sign of a serious type of cancer called ‘malignant melanoma’. If you are having problems with nail structure such as rapid breakage, thinning, thyroid diseases, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and biotin deficiencies may be.

Bleaching in places on our skin is a sign of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a type of skin disease in which light areas of the skin form due to loss of pigment. If there is yellowing that begins with the influx of eyes and spreads to the head and torso, diseases of blockage of the liver and biliary tract should come to mind. Blue-purple skin color is seen in cardiovascular diseases, heart failure and lung diseases such as COPD.

Xanthelasma are yellow soft plaques that develop around the eyes and on the eyelids. Cholesterol levels should be looked at when seen, but they can not be seen at all levels of cholesterol, nor can they be seen in people with normal cholesterol levels. Therefore, its existence does not provide precise information.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which a small amount of thyroid hormone is present in the blood. In case of hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down, fatigue, depressed mood, weight gain, hair, face edema, thickening voice, chills, Cold Resistance Reduction, constipation, heart rhythm to slow down long-term uncontrolled cases, heart failure may develop. In hyperthyroidism, the metabolism is fast. Rapid fatigue, thinning hair, loss of hair, large eyes, weight loss despite an increase in appetite, sweating, heat intolerance, irritability, palpitations and diarrhea can occur.

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At first, be sure to review the amount of salt you take daily. If you have swelling in your legs despite paying attention to salt, it can be an indicator of kidney and heart failure. If edema in the legs increases in a small amount during the day, as you stand and later in the day, there may be venous insufficiency, that is, a state of insufficiency in the Collector vascular valves in the legs. If there is swelling in one leg and pain in the calves, there may be a condition of blockage in the veins called ‘Deep Vein Thrombosis’, you should consult a doctor urgently.

Painful smooth-surfaced masses under the chin, on the sides of the neck, behind the ear are likely lymph nodes if you reach your hand. There is an inflammatory condition in the area where the lymph gland is swollen. Acne, skin burns, hair rotations, dental abscesses, upper respiratory tract infections when the lymph nodes that first appear in front of micro-organisms form a defensive shield and swell. And when the inflammatory condition regresses, it becomes old. Painless, fast-growing and irregular masses are our favorite type of mass. It refers to malignant tumors, it should certainly not be neglected. Just below the Adam's Apple is our thyroid gland. If you detect a mass moving by swallowing, there may be nodules in the thyroid gland.

Gingival bleeding is most commonly seen due to gum diseases. In blood diseases in which blood clotting is weakened, there can also be recurrent gingival bleeding uncontrolled high blood sugar levels are an important condition that disrupts gum health. Sjogren's syndrome is a connective tissue disease that disrupts the activity of the salivary glands, causing a decrease in salivary secretion. Dental caries and gum disease are more common. Complaints of bad breath are a condition that many people suffer from. Caries, abscesses, Tartars are the most common cause of bad breath, but bad breath can also occur in the presence of gastritis in the stomach. If there are no dental problems, it is necessary to turn to the stomach.

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