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Characteristics of the man of Pisces

I don't approve of telling a person based only on the sign of The Sun. Astrology is not just about horoscopes! Please don't miss this reminder!

When performing character analysis, base not only your horoscope, but also your ascension or moon sign. I'll try to explain it with a little tips. 

March Dec February 19 and March 20 of each year passes through the Sun Pisces parcel. The moon comes to Pisces every 28 days and stays in this sign for about 2 days. The rising sign comes to Pisces every day, and the eastern line on the horizon remains in this sign for about 2 hours.

In your maps, especially if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is a fish, the nature of the sign means that you are very interested.

You Pisces men who have a structure that weeps when they laugh and laugh when they cry, where compassion, decency, practicality, joy and sadness are together, know loneliness, being single by nature and observe well.

You carry a structure that can attract peace to yourself in any environment where you can maintain your own value judgments, and that does not run away from difficulties and responsibilities, as long as there is harmony and peace in it, you can do every job. You belong to the last sign of the zodiac. Endings, endings, and re-nurturing life energy make you almost a volunteer instructor, a life planner, and sometimes a very good psychologist.

Despite all these aspects, you do not carry a horoscope that is called a watery eye or even the ship on which it sinks. So much so that you may be the most troubled Horoscope. However, the best accountants, successful politicians and successful people in all kinds of jobs and actions that require mind activities become people with a Pisces nature.

If it is your structure that gives in to even being unfair to yourself, it may give the impression that you have accepted this situation, but I suggest that you share this article with the people you value so that they get to know you closely.

Sometimes solutions may not come quickly. And sometimes the problem may just have to stay in the middle. As long as you don't change the way you respond to events, you can make extra efforts to solve problematic situations. This can lead you to a lack of value. You should be careful to observe the flow carefully before interfering with events and pre-list what you can do.

Water has a solvent power. It separates and purifies from dirt, rust. Most of the time, it's protective. In excess, we drown, purify and purify. You guys have a very good decoder feature. As soon as you manage to create the right spaces for yourself to practice life, you can make it possible for success to flow to you.

Your life priorities can be shaped by solutions to problematic processes. You'll be a very good listener, but you have to be able to let life flow without interfering with everything. Situations and circumstances in which the limits of imagination are forced can create an impulse of curiosity in you. Glazed curtains behind events will often attract your attention. Addressing people's needs will always be one of your primary motivations.Dec.

It will be difficult for you to achieve stability in your emotions. You can struggle to achieve both being in everything and being away from everything. Like the med-jazirs of the same moon, your world of emotions will be in a struggle with git-geller within you. Forgiveness and compassion will move you forward, and your tolerant attitude will support your relationships. 

You should pay attention to sensitivity to areas such as the last limbs of the body, for example, feet, fingertips. Foot massages and reflexology will help all your chronic diseases quickly enter the process of purification.  You should be wary of moisture-related ailments, phlegmatic ailments, colds and damp environments. Above all, you should ensure that your foot health is a priority.

Fish man is unstable, careless, and not fond of addictions, fun. He tends to keep up with the circumstances when he is not involved in an action for his sake. Again, he does not escape the environment in which he is located, but develops his own methods to keep up with the environment. So much so that if you see something wrong with a fish man, you must first question your own life. They're very good reflectors. 

If the people involved in your life are just people who follow certain, drawn rules without being targeted, careless, and without knowing what they are doing, then you, as fish men, will always be able to be misunderstood.

Fish man is unstable, careless, and not fond of addictions, fun. If you can't find ways to reveal your own desires, you should be able to shake yourself up and fight again, rather than develop an addiction to the environment you are in. You can't help others unless they want to. Being around them doesn't make you important. In some circumstances you have to manage to say no, give up empathy and draw your own boundaries of space.

Your altruistic and combative nature always owes honor and admiration. You must never neglect to protect the values that make you who you are. It will often be late for people to understand you, but as long as you don't stop going the right way, your intuition will not mislead you again, you will be understood correctly, albeit late.

Murat Boz, Hüsnü Şenlendi, Albert Einstein, Beyazıt Öztürk, Kutsi, Galileo Galilei, Vivaldi, Marlon Brando, Ferhan Şensoy, Ercan Saatçi, Salvador Dali, Frederic Chopin, Michelan Gelo, Hidayet Türkoğlu, Nejat Işler.

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