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Characteristics of Capricorn woman

I don't approve of telling a person based only on the sign of The Sun. Astrology is not just about horoscopes! Please don't miss this reminder! When performing character analysis, base not only your horoscope, but also your ascension or moon sign... I'll try to explain it with a little tips. 

So much so that the sun is every year December January 21 to January 22 as he passes through the dates, he watches in the Capricorn decks. The moon comes to Capricorn every 28 days and stays in this sign for about 2 days. The rising sign comes to Capricorn every day, and the eastern line on the horizon remains in this sign for about 2 hours.

In your maps, especially if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Capricorn, the nature of the sign means that you are very interested.

Status, job, duty, responsibility, never like to be late, ‘promises will be fulfilled brother! When he says,’ there are no escapees, ' she is the Capricorn woman. Always strong, always goal-oriented life comes from your Capricorn nature. People who can understand you should be as responsible as you are. It is impossible not to admire the sanctity of the family, the requirements of life, the way you make sense of life, but these values will often not be understood by people... the Capricorn woman lives a long time... her life is healthy. With step-by-step and decisive progress, he always sees the future and builds his present. But the vast majority of what happens to him is shaped without his control.

Don't let anyone break your stubbornness to fate. If you are a Capricorn woman, you will not easily renounce the path you have chosen with your stubbornness, the promise you have made. You should also try to apply this in the promises you make to yourself. Be cool, do not tolerate provocation, all kinds of tragedies, boredom, frustration that happen to you, please remember not to neglect yourself when you can handle it in your field of struggle! 

You may not get the opportunity to love from work and you may be missing the taste of the moment. You may not believe in love at first sight and also enjoy flirting. You may think that it takes a serious shift to take love seriously. When you're in love, you can act like an obedient person. You're considered an authority alone, and you don't like taking orders, deciding what to do. You are in favor of equality in the relationship and you prefer to be there for your partner at the most difficult moment. 

In your relationships, you take a pragmatist approach. They should treat you as if you need them. Only then can you show the rootstock of the cancer, which is your opposite sign. People around you need to show you when they need you, when they want you to be with them, when you need to guide them, and when they expect advice. Because you are the one who shows the characteristics that they have but are not aware of. Someone with a logical and overly realistic view of life can neutralize your distant and independent feelings, but you don't want your friends to know about this situation.

If you are a rising Capricorn, we can observe that you are serious when we look from the outside. As soon as we first met, we may not be able to observe this feature, but you are witty enough to be called a comedian. You enjoy being punctual. Your image is of high importance to you. The clothes you wear and your posture are very important. You want to be seen as successful, and you're usually successful. Your sense of responsibility from childhood predominates. Family and traditions are important to you. From the outside, you have a resourceful and confident structure. Although you don't feel too much, you have a structure that constantly questions yourself. "Am I good enough? We can hear his question from you rising Capricorn. In exchange for your efforts, “do I deserve to be rewarded for what I have done?"you're the one who says. On the other hand, you are constantly busy with your mind and saying, “how can I make things better?” Your future anxiety is very high. You're not flashy, but you rarely like to show off. 

You're someone who knows how to control your own emotions, even when you're enthusiastic. You're eager and often ambitious. It allows you to continue your initiatives with great seriousness. It may be difficult for you to project your feelings outwards, and it may be difficult for you to understand from the opposite side. Because you have a structure that likes to keep everything under control. And it symbolizes that you like to do things your own way more. Of course, you won't like to be restricted. Idealists is. You have a Pragmatist structure, and as a continuation of this, you can actually maintain this attitude patiently and cautiously. These come from your Capricorn nature. You're afraid to look vulnerable and weak. 

In order to prevent bone resorption in later years, you should provide yourself with the necessary supplements. You should not neglect your dental care. Excessive work and overtime can cause wear on your body. Your perfectionist attitude can make you question everything you do, and this way of thinking can lead you to depression.  

You believe in monogamy. In a relationship, you can act on your own. You have a career-oriented life. You work for an important position in a professional sense. Often you need people who accompany and support your ambition. At the top of the mountain and among the horoscopes, you have the strongest Dec. Thanks to your determination and resourcefulness, you have a chance to be the first of everything. You have a gift for yourself. No matter what happened in your past, you approach the future more calmly. 

You're over-disciplined and workaholic. Doing your job seriously is reflected in your face and you can have a constantly sullen expression. You can think of everyone as yourself and think that everyone should be responsible. But when you observe that this is not really the case, you can take on a critical structure. You tend to miss life. The fact that you do not devote enough time to your close circle and family who want to be in sharing can make both yourself and your environment unhappy. You can give in to the passion for success and as soon as you feel that you are going to fail, you may want to reach a solution by pressing on others or using hidden games, and you can take it into practice without hesitation. Because you don't like defeat, you can have a structure that can resort to cheating. You can be stingy. You may not have forgiving qualities. You can be stubborn. Your prescriptive attitude in your love affairs can be a means to extinguish your love fever in a short time. 

Capricorn woman has built firewalls so as not to disrupt her status and posture. With its traditional approaches, it has the decency of being responsible, building the bridge between the past and the future. 'Is he successful in demonstrating his reputation in his work environment or in his immediate surroundings? in response to his question, we can say to some extent. Because he has a sense of humor. 

You can trust the Capricorn woman and open all your secrets. It's the identity that you can knock on the first door when your head is stuck. He never tolerates Gossip. But he is the one who can listen to the problems of his fellow men and come up with logical solutions for them. He is loyal to his friends and respectful and sensitive to the needs of others.Keep them aside and when you meet a Capricorn woman, just be character, they'll take care of the rest…

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