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Characteristics of Capricorn man

I don't approve of telling a person based only on the sign of The Sun. Astrology is not just about horoscopes! Please don't miss this reminder!

When performing character analysis, base not only your horoscope, but also your ascension or moon sign... I'll try to explain it with a little tips. 

January December Dec 21 and January 22, The Sun passes through the Capricorn parcel. The moon comes to Capricorn every 28 days and stays in this sign for about 2 days. The rising sign comes to Capricorn every day, and the eastern line on the horizon remains in this sign for about 2 hours.

In your maps, especially if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Capricorn, the nature of the sign means that you are very interested.

If at the time of meeting you have thoughts like “how formal” and “distant” someone, know that you are facing a “Capricorn” man. Capricorn is the last of the earth elements of which it is a member. For this reason, when you meet a Capricorn man, he wants you to know that he will not swing a shovel for nothing. Their priority is their job! He wants to be successful in his work. "Ambitious,” “hardworking,” and" finished what he started." They are distinguished by their skeletal structure rather than their weight in appearance. They have a bony structure. Feelings of responsibility are high. A Capricorn man enjoys doing his job earnestly. 

"The Antica of Capricorn is Sagittarius. In the first place, you can observe the characteristics of Sagittarius from inside the Capricorn man, who has a cold temperament."Antiscia means 'reflection'. In one sign, the complementary nature and characteristics of another sign are combined. Within the nature of Capricorn, you can observe the nature of Sagittarius. In the same way, the nature of Capricorn in Sagittarius... For example, the nature of Sagittarius sets the rules, and applying the rules is due to the nature of Capricorn. If it is not followed, the nature of the Bow will judge and interrupt the punishment. The application stage of punishment takes place in the nature of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the most deciduous of the zodiac signs. Because the ruling planet is Saturn. That's why he's ambitious in everything he does. Again, we can observe it as the most reliable among the zodiac signs under the rule of Saturn and on the occasion that it is the last of the earth signs Dec. Capricorn man's financial opportunities will provide him with self-confidence. He may prefer to be with or have a relationship with someone as hardworking as he is. He doesn't like to act spontaneously in bilateral relations Jun. But this does not indicate that he is not in love. 

Either you hug Everything or you take refuge in a cave…

If you're a Capricorn man, you shouldn't think you're always on top. Looking down on everyone and everything can make your life difficult. You may be too busy mentally. Just focusing on work can make you miss the moment. Being unable to devote time to yourself can lead to depressed attitudes. Systematized can prevent you from living, rooting, and starting a family. Being up to your eyeballs, taking the job as a priority will tire you out.

I'd like to explain this to you with an example. Let's imagine a bound goat and observe how it escapes. In the first place, the goat manages to break the rope by biting it. But at the moment of escape, he realizes that he is surrounded by fences. And 2. at the stage, he thinks about jumping the fence and getting rid of it, formulates and uses his sharp intelligence, gets rid of it. 

Just like the planet Saturn in astrology, it reflects us that when you set your boundaries, you can also go into the light when you cross those boundaries. If there is a problem, it shows that there is a solution. Your job should be to develop a formula for the problems that may occur or occur in society.

On average, you can be shorter than other people. Your leg structure will be muscular. On the occasion of the planet Saturn, you have a bony structure, but you are not overweight. Although not a single indicator allows this, it is among the main deceptions as an astrological indicator. Although not as much as a scorpion, you are interested in dark clothing. You prefer to wear clothes that may reflect your status. For you, smiling is the second plan. You smile and make you smile in environments where you feel like you belong. Your priorities are always your responsibilities. You can expend a lot of energy to turn a hobby into a business. 

The area you need is to be called a “man of his word.” You may want to keep everything under control in your life. You want every rule and rule to be followed. You may have a tendency to constantly appreciate. The times you work are the situations you feel safe and familiar with. You need to work all the time so you don't get depressed. Making family members feel that they need you and that you need to be constantly supported allows you to increase your sense of belonging.

You also want to emphasize your confident structure, solid steps and solid foundations with your body language. Based on all this, we can observe that you take care of your appearance. You show trends in diet, healthy eating and exercise. You care about the dynamics of the mind and do not tend to the pollution of information. Do not neglect the bones, musculature and teeth November.

"Ambition" is your character trait, and you want to demonstrate excellence in everything you're trying to do. Your cold and distant posture in the working environment are very suitable for misunderstanding. In fact, your goal is just to focus on your business and be efficient. You can be “investment adviser”, “Financial Analyst”, a good “land expert”, “teacher” or “life coach” from diligent Capricorn men. By your reticent nature, those who want to be involved in your life must first break through your firewall and gain your trust. It can infuriate you that people you care about and trust gossip about you. You must tell them that they should not argue with you in public. 

As a Capricorn man who can hide your emotional reactions, you can be a very good “poker” player. You can take it upon yourself to hide your feelings and make your name mentioned as “heart of stone.” In some cases, you devote so much time to your career that you can put your relationships in second place. You have a timid nature. As with everything, you show great patience to make your partner happy. You may need to avoid your Elitist stance from time to time. Being unattainable can be damaging to you at some points. 

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